Dorothy Maclean

Cedar of Lebanon

Meditation by Dorothy Maclean, Commentary by Freya Secrest

One of the things I love about reading Dorothy Macleans’s deva messages is that they allow me to participate in the fullness of the experiences they carry. For me the words create more than a mental image; they convey a quality of being which is deeply nourishing and instructive. In this way they help me to widen my own ability to embody the qualities of which they speak. When I move into the felt sense of a communication in this way, ideas such as "joy" or "grounding" become rooted in a physical, loving connection with my world and all are enriched.

Dorothy’s messages from the trees especially offer an experience of peace and balance that is so valuable to strengthen in our world at this time. The following two communications were recorded during a visit she made in 1972 to Attingham Park, an estate in Southern England.  As do all her messages from the devic kingdom, they offer us an invitation to recognize our brotherhood on behalf of the planet.  -  Freya Secrest


Cedar of Lebanon, Warwick Castle Grounds by M_Eriksson


 Cedar of Lebanon- Peace is what we give you at the moment.  You humans are all of a dither with new energies and we would counterbalance you. Peace and stability; you find that and then build.  It is no use building on foundations that would crumble; it is no use building on wonderful new ideas unless you can ground them.  We do not mean that they should be grounded with old ideas, but on the inner peace and stability which is deep within.  As you make some action without, there should be more action within - in fact, the within should come first and that is just the trouble with so many humans.  See how our enormous limbs are balanced in peace.  When the storm comes, we go with it and keep the balance.

The mind world of humanity is bursting its seams.  Let it burst.  Many ideas will be bubbles that will come to nothingness.  That does not matter; keep your roots in peace, and experiment.  Experiment until you find that which comes through perfectly.  As a baby learns to walk, learn to walk in your new world with a conscious link to peace within.  This is our particular message now.

Cedar of Lebanon - Many lives come and go, and still our power goes up to the sky and down to the earth.  This is the power of the Almighty of which we are caretakers in this moment of time.  Our serene strength stabilizes and makes upright whatever comes to us in openness, for we are living matter, fashioned from the elements, and we are kin to all life.  You and I are blood brothers, made from the same substance, each fulfilling our destiny on this planet.  I contain you in my towering strength, and you contain me in your towering aspiration.

You humans are despoiling our power on earth, interfering with our destiny.  In the process you are learning of your own destiny. We hope that proudly you may take it on, and enrich the earth as never before.  You can enrich it with your enlightened love.  

We can love together and be free together, for although we are tree and human, we are much more. We are representatives of divinity, and we never end through the endless ages.  We go on from strength to strength, each in our own way. Let us be one in that universal Power of Life.


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Opening Possibilities with Our Attitude

Meditations by Dorothy Maclean, Commentary by Freya Secrest

 “As you bring your problems to Me, they are solved according to your attitude.  If you bring them to Me as a duty, yet keep a tight rein on them, holding them in mind and weighed down by them, you keep them with you.  They cannot be resolved unless you let go of them and let in an attitude conducive to the joyful solution of them.  Lightness and love are absolutely essential….” from Wisdoms by Dorothy Maclean

When looking for deva messages that speak to my practice of Incarnational Spirituality to share with you this month, I found several that highlight the ways I am learning to reframe my attitude and choose,  again and again throughout the day, to live into the sacredness of my life.

Central to my inner experience of the sacred after times of silent attunement or moments of wonder and awe is a sense of connectedness. I look to give that sense the room to ‘bloom’ in my daily life by initiating the attitude of joy and appreciation that Dorothy’s messages point out. I find this invites and unfolds the Sacred in everyday ways that on my own I could never imagine into being.

My most recent experience of this practice has come up due to a recent move back to the midwest.  There are many details to juggle to transfer the many structures of support, like bank accounts and driver’s licenses, and new ones to set in place, like snow removal and car repair connections. Such tasks can use up much time and generate frustration in me. When I make my first step in these tasks with my attention on cultivating a joyful attitude, I have noticed my sense of overwhelm is lessened and a response of connectedness meets me as I move through my tasks. When I can hold this attitude, 'solutions' come up alongside any ‘problems’ and I have greater ease at making any needed adjustments.  Attention to attitude helps me make the space for new possibilities to emerge.—Freya Secrest


Rows of us, like the spikes of the plant, seem to be calling you to come up, to leave the denseness of human life and join our gaiety and movement.  Don’t you see that all of life can be enjoyed in this spirit; don’t you see that your gloomy view of anything is but an unnecessary weight having no reality except in your mind?  We know well that when you are born on Earth you are plunged into levels of world thought which are dinned into you until you accept them as natural and even argue that anything else is unrealistic, but now at this time we add our voices to urge you to look up, rise and only accept into your consciousness that which is good.  Accept your problems as something delightful, a game, happy events from which new awareness comes, for such they are in reality.  Let them lift you up instead of weighing you down, for indeed that is why you have them. 

lavender(1) There is an answer, a way out, to all that befalls you, and it is up to you to find it.  You won’t find it if you look for it on the same level which presents it; it would not be a problem then, it is only a problem because your awareness is confined and caged.  But the problem is an opportunity to extend yourself, to let in more light, to rise and enjoy more of life  Someone else may point the way for you but the problem is one of your consciousness and one which only your consciousness can solve.  You cannot blame anyone else – that is, and be accurate – and its solution depends on your movement.

This is the sort of things we see so clearly in humankind and which you often see so clearly in another, but remember it applies to yourself.  When you find yourself in a difficult situation, rise and laugh at yourself, keep the touch of lightness and that in itself may show you the way.  Be grateful for the opportunity for growth and movement.  Don’t bemoan your fate and pass on negativity, find and spread the light.  Life is a pattern of growth and expansion of Light and Love; act on it as such and transform your world.  You humans and we angels are of one substance and we take every opportunity to emphasize this, to bring a spark of light to your life, as we do to the life of a plant, and to join our worlds with yours in joy.  We do love all life so much, and so will you when you rise and see that all is very well.  In your attitude is the way; rise and find the way." --Lavender Deva from Seeds of Inspiration by Dorothy Maclean


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