our Mission

is to advance the experience of wholeness in the world and in ourselves through an
incarnated spirituality


We affirm the sovereignty of each person as a Sacred source of creativity and partnership.

We acknowledge the existence of spiritual dimensions and their contribution to the wholeness of the world.

We empower new ways for the human community to engage in the sacred partnership of person and planet.

We inspire a culture of love and hope that honors and enlivens all beings.


I feel grateful that you all have chosen, in your own ways, to manifest your commitment to Incarnational Spirituality
— Anne Stadler, Community Organizer

Lorian's Story


Lorian’s story is about the emergence of a new spiritual impulse and how it has made itself known through the work of a group of people responding to its call.  In a way, it began in 1962 when a young David Spangler spontaneously experienced a vision that propelled him toward a life of spiritual research and understanding. Lorian itself has become identified with his thought as the early vision deepened and expanded into a body of work he calls Incarnational Spirituality.

The group of persons who founded Lorian originally met as participants in the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland in 1971. As they helped to create a unique experimental community in Findhorn, they developed a deep bond of spirit and friendship that shaped itself around serving the birth of this emerging planetary spirituality.

Upon leaving Findhorn, these founders incorporated Lorian as a Not-for-profit spiritual and  educational organization in 1974.  Several independent projects have grown out of the initial group educational work, each fostering a new and growing awareness of the Sacred in the world. 

Since its founding, Lorian has served as a grounding place for this emerging spirituality and remains an organization committed to supporting, exploring, and engaging with the Sacred at the heart of all life.