Students unfamiliar with online classes often have questions. Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions we've encountered about our online offerings. If you don't find an answer here to your own question, you can contact us directly by email at

Will I get to know the other participants?

Yes, there is usually an active dialogue that gets established between participants in spite of time and distance and there is quite a friendly feel to the exchange. We strive to support a learning community atmosphere which includes humor and humanness – there can be an unexpected sense of connection, even when some participants live across the globe. As Dan Paulson, one of the faculty shares:

“One thing I love about using this online format is that the level of discussion can be much deeper than in a face-to-face class. In general, people have time to think through what they want to say and frame it in a way that stimulates thought and further discussion. By the end of the session we have created a strong and active learning community.”

Why take a class or forum instead of just studying independently?

The class format doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. Ideally you would find the time to take advantage of both learning experiences. But that said, we do feel the interactive classes and forums add important benefits. The discussion in the classes expands one’s individual understanding as everybody shares questions, experience, perceptions and interpretations. And the encouragement, feedback and sense of community that inevitably grows out of the online conversation widens one’s confidence in working with incarnational ideas in one’s daily life.

What are the expectations of me as a participant in the class?

Since the material is available 24/7, you will be able to fit reading and reflection time into your personal schedule. We simply encourage you to participate with interest, discernment and openness to the degree that your comfort level and time allows. We do expect that you keep anything that is shared in the class confidential to provide a safe place for people to share and explore.

I have been studying spirituality for many years and don’t feel I am a beginner.

There is no expertise levels in our class work. A "beginner's mind" allows one to engage the material with benefit to whatever depth you want to explore. Our class, Journey Into Fire, offers an overview of incarnational principles and orients you to several essential practices such as “sovereignty,” “holding” and “Grail Space.” This work gives you a foundation to explore and deepen into other Incarnational Spirituality topic areas such as “Subtle Activism” or “Manifestation” with more ease. Our programs orient one specifically to incarnational work and adds to your own background and experience in more traditional spiritual practices such as meditation.

How does work with Incarnational Spirituality play out in life?

As a worldview Incarnational Spirituality reflects in our identity and our actions. We see that it helps people to better honor the essential sacredness within themselves and to bring their unique light more fully into expression in ways that are co-creative and collaborative with the sacred in the world around them.

“ There are times in the past when my life has felt cramped – l’ve felt locked in by circumstances. Through my work with incarnational principles that has been gradually replaced by a feeling of being connected in life. That feeling of connection leads me into a free and collaborative exchange with my world that is truly creative.”

How can I engage Incarnational Spirituality?

A good place to start is our library where we have downloadable essays by David Spangler and others available. In addition there is the Lorian blog with posts from many folks sharing their experiences using its principles in their lives. You can also sign up for our mailing list, which includes Lorian’s free e-newsletter and David Spangler’s monthly essay, “David’s Desk.”

I have done the initial introductory exploring, I would like to go deeper, but where do I start?

First, we recommend you participate in our Journey Into Fire class to get a picture of the overall field of incarnational spirituality. Then, accessing one of the self-study modules or participating in a short-term Discovery class will help build skills in the practices supportive to the incarnational  perspective.  For a more in-depth and coordinated approach, other classes offer in-depth guided study to deepen your work with incarnational skills.

What do the Self-Study Modules include?

Each module includes extensive study materials in the form of PDF books and/or audio files of lectures or past workshops on the subject. Audio recordings of guided incarnational meditations are also included. Each module has a slightly different configuration of materials but each is a full-bodied learning experience. For those who have studied one or more of the modules there is the opportunity to go more deeply with our live classes to deepen your integration with the material.

I have heard you do esoteric research. How do I learn more about it?

Lorian sees that a 21st century spirituality needs to be responsive to emerging 21st century relationships and conditions. Our View from the Borderlands program offers quarterly research journals that present essays and materials documenting cutting edge explorations into applications of incarnational practice. Exercises included in the journals offer an additional opportunity to participate in, and benefit from, cutting edge thinking in Incarnational themes. Subscribers are also offered an opportunity to participate in two online forums for discussion and sharing of the material. The View from the Borderlands is offered as an annual subscription program and includes four quarterly journals and two webinars over a one-year period.

Do you offer programs outside of the Seattle area?

Yes, we are invited to areas around the United States and Canada, and we collaborate with the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland to occasionally offer programs in Britain as well. Please check our calendar for any events which may be happening closer to you. When there is sufficient interest in Incarnational Spirituality we encourage individuals, such as yourself, to sponsor a Lorian workshop or study group in your area. Call our office to learn more about how to coordinate something in your area.

Contact us for further information:  email, or write:

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