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David Spangler

David Spangler, MCS is the Director of Research in the Lorian Association. He is a mystic, writer and educator in the integration of spiritual values, energy and presence into everyday life. He was co-director of the Findhorn Community and has taught extensively for over 40 years.  Since 1965, David has worked clairvoyantly with a group of spiritual beings whose purpose was to explore and develop a spiritual teaching around the process of incarnation.

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Freya Secrest

Freya Secrest, MSD is the Education Director of the Lorian Association. She is a Spiritual Director, adult educator and Lorian priest. She lived at the Findhorn community in Scotland for three years, subsequently teaching with Dorothy Maclean on themes of Cooperation with Nature in the United States and Canada. She helped to co-found the Lorian Association in 1974. She lives in Holland, Michigan where she loves spending time learning from the natural world.

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James Tousignant

James Tousignant, Ph.D., is a is an ordained minister/priest of Incarnational Spirituality with formal training as an experimental psychologist/research methodologist. He has a private healing practice based on Integrative Energy Healing and recently has taken on managing an organization dedicated to providing front-line services, programming and shelter to individuals with mental health and substance use challenges. His passion is working with the subtle realms, living into the teachings of Incarnational Spirituality, and teaching energy medicine. James lives on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada.

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Jeremy Berg

Jeremy Berg, MCS is owner of the Lorian Press LLC, past director and board member of the Lorian Association. Trained as an architectural designer his patented work in ecological construction have been well publicized. He is the author of Faerie Blood, The Gathering Light: An Exploration Into The Incarnational Way, and A Knight to Remember. He has been a college Dean and Vice-President and has taught at both the secondary and postsecondary levels. Jeremy is the artist for the Card Decks of the Sidhe, online teacher and workshop presenter.

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Julia Spangler

Julia Spangler is the President of the Board of the Lorian Association.  She is a Lorian Priest and teaches online classes for Lorian as well as Parenting classes for local preschool parents.  She lived at the Findhorn community in Scotland for two years where she met her husband, David, and the others with whom she co-founded Lorian.  She lives in Issaquah, WA with her husband and four nearby adult children. She loves the mystery and beauty of our world, and the profound variety of people in it.


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Rue Hass

Rue Hass, MA, is a Spiritual Life Path Coach, Intuitive Mentor and author. Her background includes university teaching, training in psycho-spiritual philosophy, and energy psychology. She was ordained as a Lorian minister/priest in 2011.  

Rue says, “I have a deep thirst for translating spiritual concepts into practical grounded action in the world.  I love creating opportunities that invite people heartful practical incarnational magic. That is what I have learned over my own life.”


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Tim Hass

Tim Hass, MS lives in Boulder Colorado. He has been a therapist involved in intensive mental health work over the past 30 years. He has also facilitated training and helped setup Mental Health Programs around the US as a private consultant recognized by NAMI. He lived for four years at the Findhorn Community in Scotland where he served on the Core Group and Director of Personnel, has studied many spiritual and shamanic paths, and is ordained as a Lorian minister/priest.