What is Subtle Activism? An Introduction

By David Spangler

Subtle Activism is based on the fact that both the Earth and you have both a physical side and a non-physical or “subtle” side, a personal subtle energy field or “subtle body”. Subtle activism brings these two together in a positive way to give help in a particular situation. It is a method of engaging and affecting the currents of subtle energy flowing within a particular environment in ways that can affect the probability of what happens in the physical realm. It is a complement, never a substitute, for physical action. Combined with responsible physical activism, though, it may make a difference in how things unfold.

Subtle energies respond best to your presence—the wholeness of who you are—rather than just to your thoughts or feelings alone. So the foundation of any subtle activism project is to stand in your unique Sovereignty and individuality with an attitude that embraces and unites all parts of you—body, mind, emotion, and spirit—in a loving and appreciative wholeness. Subtle activism is also enhanced by the degree to which you can “ground” and attune yourself in loving and appreciative ways to your immediate physical environment. The combination of your whole presence attuned to the physical and subtle environment where you are gives your subtle energy field a powerful, coherent boost when engaging and setting into motion subtle energies.

Subtle activism is possible because at the subtle level, distance makes no difference. Wherever I can think myself to be, that is where my energy presence is, carrying with it whatever subtle qualities and energies I have gathered within myself as part of preparing to do this subtle energy work. Subtle activism works by changing the quality and flow of subtle energies in a given subtle environment; this in turn can affect the probability of outcomes. For instance, if a child is buried in the rubble after a bomb strike in the city of Aleppo in Syria, doing subtle activism for that environment can enhance the possibilities of her being found and rescued. The presence of healing and protective energies held and radiated by your presence within the subtle environment around her heighten the life forces and
can tip the probabilities in favor of her living rather than dying. Further, holding strengthening, calming, and loving subtle energies in that environment can empower the ability of rescuers and first responders to do their work with emotional and mental clarity and can protect them from the worst effects of any negative subtle energies that may well be present. This can enhance the probability that they will be alert to opportunities for rescue and help and not make mistakes.

These examples illustrate the realm in which subtle activism can work, for our thinking and emotions can be affected either positively or negatively, usually in unconscious ways, by the currents of subtle energy active within a particular environment.

These examples also illustrate two important principles that are key to doing subtle activism. The first is, “Don’t Impose!” You are not doing something to someone else; rather you are doing something in their subtle energy environment to which they can respond or not as dictated by their own choice and attunement. You want to honor the spiritual, energetic, psychological, and physical Sovereignty of the people for whom you’re working with subtle energies. Tempting as it may be, you’re not there to make a particular outcome happen. When that kind of force is applied in the subtle environment, it is just as likely to produce resistance and a counter-reaction that can make things worse.

The second important principle is, “You Project What You Are!” Whatever thoughts and emotions are part of your personal energy field when you do your subtle activism will also be brought into the subtle environment in which you wish to work. Thus, an important part of subtle activism is to take time to clear a mental and emotional space within you into which you bring only those qualities that you wish to affect the energy environment into which you are projecting your energetic presence. To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, “What you are speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you say.”

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