In the Spirit of Dancing Shoes

By Freya Secrest

A delightful part of my understanding of a Living Universe is that there are no boundaries to Life; the vital spark of sacredness moves through everyone and everything. But how far does that really extend? In my own experience and for others such as Dorothy Maclean, it extends even into the man-made world.  Here is one of Dorothy’s early (unpublished) meditations from her inner guidance:

public-domain-images-free-stock-photos-shoes-feet-walking-rocks-creek-1-500x333(1)Now, you would tune into the spirit of shoes…a spirit with many facets. Dancing shoes take a bow before you. Work boots plod before you – Chinese clogs, athlete’s flying movements, high-heeled daintinesses. Can it speak? Oh, volumes! A shoe serves so many purposes – and without thanks! Shoes protect, make possible your movements, warm you, conduct the earth essences into your body and back again, give you color, finish the outward whole.

Give thanks for your shoes. Next time you polish them, think of them as living things and be grateful. This is a tiny aspect of your life which you take for granted. Take nothing for granted. This is part of My divine life, serving you. Mankind has use of all God’s gifts for your purposes, but when you give thanks in the doing, the Spirit of Life itself is lifted.

By appreciating the role each thing fulfills, its form and function in the world, and the energy that went into its making, we open the door to the mysteries of an inter-related, living universe. It is not a mystical, energetic fantasy but practical service appreciated in its relationship to the world that introduces us to the heart and soul of an object and establishes its livingness. As Dorothy’s message points out, even man-made things like shoes are part of this livingness of our universe, bringing their uniquely created purpose into action, action that enhances the flow of all life as it moves in the world.

We as human beings can enhance that flow of life but it is a role which we are now only beginning to understand. Our attention, directed toward an appreciation of the form, pattern and purpose in the things around us, energizes the life force in the world we touch. I remember one experience I had with a cherry wood floor my husband and I installed in our home. After the installation was completed, I was sitting on the couch and admiring the floor – its color in the sunshine, the pattern of the wood grain in each board. I felt uplifted by its beauty. For a moment I felt my spirit of appreciation was received and returned. There was a blessing exchanged that enhanced both the floor and myself. Over the years the floor was often noticed and appreciated, touching many who walked in that room, and it continues to add a glow of beauty to every family gathering and meeting held there.

It is not hard to appreciate beauty, and not a big step to appreciate those things we find useful or delightful as an expression of the sacredness of life. By so doing we enhance the flow of aliveness in our world.  Who would think it could be that easy?

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