Guardians of Balance


Poem By Bryan Hewitt, Art By Deborah Koff-Chapin

This happened
It is terrible
But not unexpected
If you were really

The question
Is what do we do now?

We sing our own songs
Standing by fires
Built by many hands

We hold those same hands
In a circle made by our intentions
And laugh
At words from each others' lips

We tell stories
Of the past that is really
How the future could be

If we learn
To build it piece by piece
Without asking
For a savior
For an answer
For someone else
Who can tell us what to do

Let's grow gardens
And pick wild plums

Because if we learn how
We might also learn
That we need each other
The earth and us, that is

Her Guardians of Balance
We can be if we
Sing the right sounds


Now is a time for bards
To draw out the words
From the darkness and shape them
Into the plans for how to meet
What has been coming
For a long, long time

I stand here listening
And ready to speak
The careful song
of strength and longing
Of love and truth
To hold up those
Who would hold me up


Special thanks to Bryan Hewitt and Deborah Koff-Chapin for sharing the artistry of their hearts. How are you finding support and inspiration these days? If you'd like to share from your wellspring of hope, please email