From The Archives: Power All Prophecies Must Bow Before

Excerpt and Commentary by David Spangler, Introduction by Drena Griffith

Over the decades David Spangler has written numerous articles, books and instructional material for classes. Currently 27 of David's books can be purchased in the Lorian Bookstore (he is most prolific!) but what of the wealth of resources no longer in print or readily available? "From the Archives" will feature excerpts from some of these lost treasures--gleaning past insights from David's vast experience as spiritual leader, teacher and scientist of the subtle realms. Some of these teachings pertain to specific past events, yet they are still relevant. The more the world changes, the more it seems we need to be reminded of our core sacredness. So, in that sense, David's words are timeless.

The excerpt below is from the book Conversations with John, a dialogue with one of David's inner contacts. This book specifically views the socio-political and economic issues of the 1980s through a spiritual lens. But the words also hold an immediate relevance and connection to the world as it is now. Social upheaval is a very real threat in our world today--as much as (if not more than) any natural disaster. So it's certainly helpful to me personally to be reminded that Armadeddon is not a future event but, rather, an inner orientation. Our moments of crisis, either personally or collective, can either wound us or transform us. Actually, they definitely will transform us, but as an old friend used to say, "We know we'll make it out of the furnace; we're just not sure which end!" But if we can trust that the universe "has our back" and call upon our own goodness and "right relationship" in response to our present challenges, and that which we already know to be true, then we can find our Eden no matter what's happening in the world around us. —Drena Griffith


In the New Age movements of the Seventies and Eighties, there was great hope and vision but also fear and an abundance of prophecies predicting immanent Armageddon of some nature, either through nuclear war, natural disasters, or civilizational collapse. It was as if the possibilities of transformation could not manifest except through destruction. This was contrary to everything that my colleagues in the subtle worlds--for whom John was a representative--held out. Their commitment was to empower the human capacities for creativity and vision, hope and confidence, and to diminish the images of fear. In response to the prophecies that were abroad at the time and the fear they were generating, I felt it useful to ask John to comment on how he and his colleagues perceived this matter. The following excerpt was the result.—David Spangler (3/11/16)


"...You place great importance upon spiritual prophecies of earth changes or of conflicts which could result in great destruction and loss of life. To us, such events are relatively unimportant. Where you look at external events for images of death and destruction, we look at the inner environment in which humanity lives and sees the same. We see ways in which consciousness chooses to fragment itself within itself, and from others, in the interest of what it calls its own well-being and protection. We see how it absolves itself from caring for the other members of its own wholeness, and we see where this creates death-in-life. We see the ground of love being split asunder along fault lines of ignorance and feat, and we see lives being swallowed up into the resulting chasms of despair. We see wars of inner intent being waged, which do not kill people outwardly, but which kill their spirits and isolate them from their higher principles of being, joy, hope and creativity. We see them become psychological, emotional casualties.

We see you creating your own Armageddons daily. This, to us, is the evil of your world. There is a tendency within human beings to look towards powerful external forces for explanation, to see a satanic being to whom they can attribute the sources of evil, or to see in those who have power and influence in your world evidences of conspiracies of control and manipulation. To us, the sources of evil lie in each human heart and mind and they are called fear and inertia. The resultant attitudes cause you to express your personal and collective energies against each other rather than to seek to understand and communicate with each other. It is true that there are certain beings and places where this evil accumulates, and that there are intelligences, largely drawn from within humanity itself, who find in suffering an energy which they can use as a form of vitality and allows them to maintain an illusion of separation from and power over the greater whole. However, such separation cannot last, for balance is always being restored. Yet, these forces could not perpetuate the Armageddons in which you live if you did not choose daily the roots of Armageddon--the attitudes and actions by which you order your lives.

If I say that in a certain amount of time--within five years, say--the west coast of your country will be devastated by earth changes, while the east coast will be devastated by waters from the ocean, and other parts of your country will suffer from social upheavals, what does this mean? What value does this information have? What will you do about it, assuming it is true? What can you do about it? Does it assist you to find a relationship with your own inner power, with your capacity to heal, bless and change your future, or does it only make you fearful and concerned for yourself? Does it make you more tolerant, more understanding, more communicative, more open to building community with others? Does it open you to the important services and actions that your world needs? What does that prediction do that could possibly interest us or serve our purposes; purposes which enhance the service of one human being to another and increase the power of love upon your world? Of course your society will go through upheavals of various natures. That is destined, necessary, and natural for a society and planet in transformation. If all that is familiar remains the same, what then has been transformed? On the other hand, you have a power to co-create the future which we wish you to discover and use, not with the motive of avoiding disasters, but with the motive of enhancing human well-being. Before that power, properly understood and used, all prophecies must bow.

The universe works with you and for you. It is not your enemy. Center yourself in the goodness of the universe, and you will meet the challenges of the future. You do not need a spiritual force to tell you of the challenges that you can see. Of course there are dangers of war evident in your world. Of course there are forces that would diminish your freedom, that would seek to manipulate your consciousness and your bodies toward their ends. You do not need a spiritual force to point out that these things exist. All you need is the spiritual discernment of your own wisdom and enlightened perception."--Conversations with John


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