Ask Julia: Community of Consciousness

By Julia Spangler


What is the Lorian community? How can I become become part of it?

In the culture of the 1970's there was a movement toward community of many kinds. There were back-to-the-land communities, political communities, spiritual communities and more. These were largely groups of people choosing to live with or near each other to pursue a common goal or way of life.

Those who began the Lorian Association came out of one such spiritual community in Findhorn, Scotland. This community was a thriving and vital example of a diverse group of people choosing to live a spiritual life together in partnership with God, the land and the subtle beings of the natural world. There were books and articles written about Findhorn giving a glamorous cast to life in this place and as a result many people believed that if they wanted to be part of the new spirituality, the new age, they had to go live at Findhorn.

When we returned to the United States from our sojourn at Findhorn, we felt that it was important to balance that strong gravitational pull toward Findhorn as a place by a recognition that this spirituality is accessible everywhere in the world for it is a condition of an inner alignment, not a location. We defined Lorian as a "community of consciousness", by which we meant a non physically located group of like-minded individuals sharing a certain spiritual perspective. We saw our focus as promoting new expressions for our human community to engage in a sacred partnership of person and planet around the world. This consciousness could be found and anchored everywhere and connects through anyone's everyday life. 

We found partners in this Lorian fellowship wherever we went, people who were living quiet lives deeply connected to spirit. They were from many paths and did not necessarily share the same vocabulary, but an essential common quality was present: an open, loving,  positive view of each other, humanity and of the world. We considered each of these individuals as part of the family, sharing our community of consciousness, and a vision of a positive future.

Now we identify the Lorian community as an independently- minded, world-wide community of individuals exploring new spiritual possibilities that focus on love and partnership with a Living Universe.

How does a person become part of this "world-wide community of individuals"? Generally by standing in alignment with spirit while also standing on the planet: feet on the ground, heart in love, head in creative engagement with the present and the future. By recognizing the existence of an inner subtle community, and knowing you are part of it, you participate in the energetic connection which is built by any group of people who offer each other loving support. That feeling of fellowship and connection is community.

But how can you participate more actively in the Lorian community? Incarnational Spirituality is defined by a few distinct principles and practices and as with many things it takes time of working with these principles and practices to be able to embody them in a way that holds this uniqueness within the world. It is not simply a matter of understanding the concepts, but is a matter of practicing so that the actual spirit of it comes alive in your bones. But anyone can practice anywhere if they are willing to take the time  and make the effort, and they become part of the Lorian community through that practice.

While we do not have a physical place, our website has become an online portal to the community at differing levels of engagement through its resource sharing. Books and free materials let us connect on the level of ideas. Classes and study groups and a few (but growing number of) local gatherings allow people to connect in real time activity.

There are some for whom Incarnational Spirituality has become a core part of their life and spiritual practice, and they are the heart of Lorian Association. They are dedicated not simply to increasing their knowledge and practice of IS but also to supporting and expanding its work in the world. To become part of this focused core takes years of practice and dedication-- and is open to anyone with the will and intent.

Regardless of your level of engagement, by deeply living the practices and principles of Incarnational Spirituality, by sharing what you know, by being a source of light in your part of the world, by working to be an entry point for spirit in the world, you are part of this community of consciousness.

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