On Demand Classes: Learn at your own pace

Are you a self-directed learner who likes to study at your own pace? Would you like sample one of the Incarnational exercises and see how it fits in your life? Do you appreciate having a recorded exercise and focus questions to direct your attention and deepen into one practice more fully? If any of these speak to you then our Incarnational self-study classes may be just what you are looking for!

These online self-study classes present a focused topic or Incarnational practice in a step-by-step independent learning format. They include audio recordings of exercises, reading material and reflection questions to help you deepen into the material in your own timing. Material is available 24/7 in a personal Learning Library and can also be downloaded for personal use. See each class description for specific details.

Self Study Classes:

Sphere of Blessing - FREE

A six-part Subtle Blessing exercise to enhance your capacity for gifting service in your life. This practice introduces the elements of a subtle activism that builds and enhances a field of blessing you can offer in your life.

Standing in Presence - $27

Deepen your experience of interconnected elements of the Self in this six-part Presence exercise. Each aspect - our personal self, our transpersonal self, our human self and our world or nature self, emerges out of our deep soul connection with life. Each of these elements brings its own gift and each is an important part of what helps us to function and thrive in our world. Step-by-step work with the exercise unfolds over 7 days.

Co-Creating with Nature: Lessons in Love from the Devic Kingdom – $47

Discover more about the power of love-in-action as it unfolds in nature and in your life. These seven self-directed study lessons are drawn from Dorothy Maclean’s messages from the Devas – the Inner Angelic Intelligence of Nature. Study includes reflections, activities and practices that will help deepen your own capacity to live principles of love in your garden and nature connections. Topics include The Wonder of Life, Connecting with the Devas, An Attitude of Love, The Wisdom of Trees, and Collaboration.

Showing Up Self Study - $47

Deepen your Incarnational awareness with this ten-day self- study introducing practices you can use to integrate heart and mind and action. When we bring our deepest values into our everyday relationships and choices they come alive in a way that is spirited, uniquely personal and universally life-affirming. Drawing on material from the book, Showing Up: Practices for a Spirited Life, this self-study includes reflections, exercises and practices that will help to integrate your personal incarnational practice into your daily life.