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Engaging with Planetary Change - Seattle WA

  • Seattle WA United States (map)

Two Back-to-Back Workshops on:

Subtle Activism in a World in Crisis and Change

The world may seem like it is full of chaos, disrupting so much of life as we know it and creating a sense of planetary inflammation. However, there are major streams of planetary change and positive new ways emerging. One important stream is the participation and contributions that each one of us can make by deepening into our own sovereignty, imagination, and strength to engage directly with our home environments. We can work collectively with our human and non-physical col-leagues, and undertake every day magic and subtle activism to support peace, healing, and great-er well-being across all of life on Earth and the whole of Gaia.

In Calm at the Edge –Subtle Activism for A World in Crisis and Change we will focus on handling crisis situations such as wild fires, hurricanes, tornados, floods, shootings, and terrorist attacks that challenge us daily. We’ll learn rules and steps for doing Subtle Activism and work in small groups to create an appropriate response to a selected crisis. If a crisis arises, you will have the tools of subtle activism to help reduce chaos and increase the possibilities of positive change.

In New pathways - Working with the Gaian Ecology to Foster New Roads for Beneficial Change we will work in harmony with beings and devas to change the overall atmosphere in the subtle worlds on a planetary scale. We will experience ourselves as a generative source of joy and blessing in shaping the world.

Although each workshop stands alone they are more powerful if taken as a series.

To signup for this workshop contact Timothy at:

phone: 608 712 7127


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Timothy Hass is dedicated to helping people to fully incarnate and take charge of their lives. Currently a trustee of the Wild Foundation, for the past ten years Timothy has engaged subtle allies on behalf of Wild projects around the globe. He is an ordained Lorian priest and is on the board of directors of the Lorian Association. With a MS degree in mental health, Timothy worked as a therapist for over 20 years. As a private mental health consultant, he facilitated trainings and helped develop NAMI recognized, mental health programs around the US. Timothy has also served on the Core Group and was Personnel Director at the Findhorn Community in Scotland. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.