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David's Desk

By David SpanglerDavid Spangler


David’s Desk is my opportunity to share thoughts and tools for the spiritual journey. These letters are my personal insights and opinions and do not necessarily reflect the sentiments or thoughts of any other person in Lorian or of Lorian as a whole. If you wish to share this letter with others, please feel free Read more…

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By Freya Secrest When I was in high school I didn’t like questions. Asking a question felt like showing my ignorance and that made me uncomfortable. My home environment had put more emphasis on finding answers. A good question was one with a specific and defined response that I could produce quickly. That changed in Read more…

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Why Incarnational Spirituality Matters

Incarnational Spirituality is part of a larger emerging worldview that is very much needed in our time.  Inspired by contributions from ecology, science, and contemplative spiritual insights, this worldview is one of the interconnectedness and interdependency of all parts of the world, both organic and inorganic. Called the holistic paradigm, this worldview emphasizes the need to recognize, understand, sustain, or create wholeness within ourselves, in our relationships with each other and in the world at large. The crises of our time, from global climate change to the depletion of critical resources, from pollution to terrorism, from economic failure to social upheaval, may all be seen at root as failures to understand, maintain, or create wholeness.

Incarnational spirituality is a specific application of this holistic paradigm. It defines incarnation not simply as embodiment, but as an intentional act of connection and engagement with a particular environment in order to create or sustain wholeness. Wholeness in turn is defined as the set of healthy, coherent and collaborative relationships both within and between living systems that allow for optimal expression, the fulfillment of potentials, evolution and the emergence of new possibilities.

Thus, the human soul incarnates into the physical world so that through a body it may connect to this world in ways that promote and further wholeness and evolution. That, in fact, our lives so often fail in this intent and create obstruction, disintegration, conflict and a lack of wholeness is not due to the evil of the world. It comes from our inadequacy in fully understanding the holistic paradigm and the principles of incarnation itself as a process of holopoiesis or wholeness-making. Without this, we fail to use the talents and capacities of the incarnational process to bless ourselves, each other and our world.

Years ago, David Spangler mentioned to a spiritual being who was one of his non-physical colleagues that many people seemed to feel that humanity’s problems arose from being too material and too caught up in incarnation and the earth. This being responded wryly, “The problem with humanity is not that you’re too incarnated; it’s that you’re not incarnated enough!

A desire to understand this comment more deeply led David to undertake a spiritual research project into the nature of incarnation using the talents and capacities of collaboration with the spiritual worlds that he had developed over many years of contact and clairvoyant perception. This research, which is ongoing and constantly evolving as more and more people take part and contribute their insights and discoveries, resulted in incarnation theory. Incarnational spirituality is a specific application in the area of spiritual practice and personal consciousness development of the findings of incarnation theory.

The value and importance of Incarnational Spirituality lie in the following:

  • It is a direct response to the need for wholeness and healing in our world at this time.
  • It is an application of the emerging holistic paradigm in the area of spirituality and personal development.
  • It offers specific, practical tools and insights that enhance an individual’s “talent” for incarnation, leading to greater personal happiness, creativity and wholeness.
  • It offers specific, practical tools and insights in creating wholeness through our connections and engagement with the world, thereby addressing the comment of a non-physical being that we “are not incarnated enough.”
  • It is a spirituality that focuses upon the sovereignty and uniqueness of each individual and the value this holds for the world and the creation of wholeness.At a time when the world is filled with such large problems, challenges, organizations and philosophies that an individual may feel lost and powerless, Incarnational Spirituality both affirms and gives practical tools to unfold the spiritual and creative powers within each of us.
  • It is a spirituality that affirms connections, collaboration, co-creativity and partnership as essential elements in crafting wholeness in our world.
  • It is a spirituality of partnership and collaboration with nature to restore and nurture the ecological wholeness of the planet.
  • It is a spirituality that affirms the reality of the non-physical worlds and the existence of spiritual allies. We believe that creating wholeness in the world includes collaboration across the veil between the physical and non-physical halves of the earth’s ecology. Incarnational Spirituality offers practical and safe tools for partnering with spiritual forces in the creation of wholeness.
  • It is a spirituality of service and the development of an “energy activism” to use resources of consciousness and spirit for healing and blessing within the world.

     Most of all, Incarnational Spirituality calls each of us to be “incarnational agents” or “agents of sacredness.” It empowers us to be willing and skillful servants of individual, collective, and planetary wholeness through being fully incarnated, fully home upon the earth.”