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With Thanks for a Feast of Flowers

Pastel Essay by Claire Blatchford

One sleepless night recently when rain was drumming on the windows and I knew this rain meant the end of summer and in the morning our garden would be bruised, brown, and flat, I decided All Soul’s Day—November 1st—should also be a day of thanks for flowers. For the flowers come and go too, faithfully year after year, chapter after chapter. And many of the qualities they shared with us have been as distinct and familiar as the presence of dear ones on the other side as they draw near at this time.



With gladness I salute the mysterious trillium:


                              The elegant iris: 




The upright and ever hopeful bloodroot

A glad chorus of daisies           



The luxurious and fragrant peonies



The translucent California Poppy


Happy mixtures of blossoms in deep conversation

Fiery Lucifer holding forth on its own.


Sage and butterfly weed, also in animated conversation














Ever golden golden rod and prickly thistles





And the last chorus of nasturtiums belting out brilliant reds and oranges just before the rain.