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Weaving a New World with the Sidhe

April 19 -May 16, 2018

with Jeremy Berg




Sidhe (pronounced Shee) is the Celtic name for part of the Faerie Otherworlds. The name means the People of Peace, and a number of esoteric teachers and writers
consider them the “cousins of humanity,” evolving in parallel alongside us but in the subtle realms. This Program is designed to: enhance our relationship with the Sidhe with the larger goal of developing new connections and possibilities for wholeness in our world.

This online class is offered to build and nurture your relationship with the Sidhe. Using the Card Deck of the Sidhe we will explore ways we can each personally creatively weave our engagement with the world. Specifically, we will develop our connections to explore with the Sidhe how we might together serve the needs and interests of Gaia at this critical time in history.

Classes of this type always have an extemporaneous quality as the Sidhe are actively  involved with all of the participants and weaving the energy of the work together.

Jeremy Berg was introduced to this work with the Sidhe some time ago when he published John Matthew’s book The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworlds. It was later, however, that the Sidhe themselves contacted both Jeremy and spiritual teacher and author David Spangler to collaborate with them on the production of a new Card Deck of the Sidhe which crafted a tool to safely and efficiently connect with the people of the Sidhe.

Since we will be using the Card Deck of the Sidhe as a tool of attunement, it is expected that participants have access to this deck and manual. If you do not have the deck, it can be purchased here in. our Lorian bookstore  (Scroll down the page to the second item)


Exploring Weaving a New World with the Sidhe will be held on our online Campus website. Class materials and exercises will be added weekly regularly and participants will have access to the “classroom” 24/7 for the duration of the class. New participants will need to create user accounts on our Campus site upon registration for the class.


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Jeremy Berg, MCS lives in Traverse City, MI and is owner of the Lorian Press LLC. He is
an author as well as artist for the Card Deck of the Sidhe. Jeremy is a Lorian priest whose past
work includes architectural environmental design, teaching and college administration.