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   Being in this forum, participating in research with you, with all these wise ones, is like a dream come true! It feeds me in ways that are essential to my well being. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” —Subscriber MP

   Views from the Borderland is something rare and precious. More than a journal, it is an invitation into a living relationship with the world. David Spangler offers gems of insight from his finely-tuned sensory system and wisdom from the depth of his ongoing explorations. —Subscriber DKC

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Views From the Borderland

Beginning each June, Lorian offers an annual subscription program for the quarterly, Views from the Borderland.

Views from the Borderland quarterly includes the following benefits:

A printed journal sharing David Spangler’s perceptions of the subtle worlds, mailed four times a year at the equinoxes and solstices.

• Two online forums a year, one in the spring, one in the fall, where David Spangler will be available to discuss material from the quarterly journals and answer questions. Click here for further information from David Spangler about the View from the Borderland along with samples of the kind of material it contains.

The cost for a USA subscription is $110 annually. The cost for an International subscription is $130 annually.


A “Views” Message from David Spangler

It is my understanding that the subtle worlds of spirit are seeking ever greater collaboration and partnership with those of us in the physical realm for the benefit of the world as a whole.  Across the Borderland between our two dimensions of life, the links of connection are being more deeply forged.  For over fifty years, my work has been to assist this process.  Views from the Borderland is a journal of my personal experiences and field notes in doing this work.

In writing and publishing this material, I have two objectives.  The first is to offer insights into the subtle worlds that surround and daily interact with us—whether we are aware of this or not—so that these worlds lose some of their mystery and can become more real to us.  These insights are my “field notes” based on personal experiences with subtle beings and non-physical forces.

Just telling stories, though, is not enough.  I also wish to show how we may use knowledge of the subtle worlds in practical and concrete ways in our lives.  Therefore, my second objective is to offer exercises and practices that I believe may be helpful in building the links across the Borderland between our embodied consciousnesses and the spiritual intelligences that seek to help and partner with us.

If you are at all interested in the idea of the subtle worlds and wish to develop partnerships with non-physical allies in ways that are helpful to you, to them, and to the world as a whole, I believe my journal has much to offer you. I invite you to join with me in an exploration of the spiritual Borderlands and the rich ecology of life and consciousness which they represent.

—David Spangler

P.S.  So that you may have an idea of the kind of material you will find in the journal, below are links to a sample from Views from the Borderland Year Five Volume I and a two-part interview between me and Lorian blog writer Annabel Chiarelli.