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Click here for a free presentation from David Spangler entitled, Thriving in a Living Universe. This is a sample of how a self-study can be experienced.

     We have been–and still are–in a time of alarms and noises, posturings and persuasions, tumult and tempest. To be of service in the world today, we must stand in a place of calm steadiness. In the midst of the storm, we must take time to look beyond to the mountains and the stars, the ancestors and the descendents and just appreciate the vastness of the world and of time and cosmos in which we live. Whatever happens tomorrow, the sun will rise, clouds will form, rain will fall, creatures will be born and die, and life goes on. We will love and create, our inner power undimmed, our spirit as Sacred as ever." —David Spangler
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Subtle Activism: Applied Blessing

Thank you for your interest in the Self Directed Study online class Subtle Activism: Applied Blessing. The content for this class is provided by David Spangler. Subtle ActivismDo you want to help with today’s problems, but they seem too overwhelming for mere humans to handle? Do you yearn to be more “in the flow” and “connected” to your world? Subtle Activism is a flow of compassion and restorative–a balancing resource between a person and their world. A “restorative, balancing resource” simply means that one acts to invite the essence of wholeness, connectedness, balance, love, flow, and attunement to be restored in that person or in that situation. This study module offers tools to help you be more effective in your subtle activism for the world. From this self-study course you will develop the tools of imagination, attunement, and attention used to create a condition of wholeness. You will also cultivate your inner resources of love, compassion and blessing in order to be a source of balance in your life and community while applying skills of subtle activism in situations of concern in your life and in the world. This module includes:

  • David’s published book on Subtle Activism called  World Work.
  • Five recorded talks on Subtle Activism.
  • A Subtle Activism “Algorithm” with supporting audio recording and booklet.
  • An imbedded “bonus” module called Energy Hygiene which includes an unpublished  textbook in downloadable PDF format, a full recorded workshop, and a booklet.
  • links to several recorded “Incarnational” exercises with downloadable supporting PDF texts.

This self directed study module is one of the ways you can explore David’s teaching according to your own schedule without costly travel. We feel the modest cost represents an excellent value compared to attending live presentations and purchasing books. You will have unlimited access to the material for six months once purchased. Begin by listening to this Free introduction:

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