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Subtle Activism Resources

An Introduction: 

We live in a world filled with energies of all kinds. Some are the electromagnetic forces that light our lights and heat our stoves and bring us voices over the radio and images on our televisions. But there are other energies that surround us as well, of which most of us are probably unaware but which can affect us just as powerfully. These are subtle forces generated by life, consciousness and spirit.

Where do these energies come from?

They can come from natural sources, from the land, from the sea, from the sun and stars. They come from spiritual sources and ultimately from the Sacred. They come from living beings, from microbes and bacteria, from plants like trees and grass, from animals, and from people—from the whole biomass of the earth.

Many of these subtle energies come from the activity of consciousness, the radiation of thoughts and feelings from human beings.

These are meta-physical energies, and they are as much a part of our surroundings as the physical ones with which we are more familiar. They flow between people and between us and our environment. They form an energy ecology that can affect our feelings, our thoughts, and our overall well-being and vitality in both positive and negative ways.

It’s an ecology we participate in by creating through our thoughts, our emotions, and our physical activity, often now in major ways as humanity’s influence and technological prowess upon the earth has increased. We bear a responsibility for the health and well-being of this subtle ecology and for its impact upon the world. The exercise of this responsibility is subtle activism.…..(to read David Spangler’s complete essay click here)

Here are a number of ways you can explore three areas of subtle activism work yourself:

rainbowPersonal Subtle Activism:

Standing Exercise

4 blessings (audio)

Where Stars Meet Exercise


hands of earthCommunity-based Subtle Activism:

Holding Exercise          Holding water (audio)

Working with Fearful Energies Exercise

Energy Hygiene Essay


earth horizon cropWorld-Focused Subtle Activism:

Subtle Activism in the World Exercise

Blessing for the World Exercise

Essays:  An Energy Ecology

Subtle Activism Overview

Subtle Activism Summit Interview with David Spangler and David Nichol from the Gaiafield Project

David’s Desk Issues  #82     #94     #96

…And if you want to study more deeply we invite you to explore one of our Self Study modules which can help you delve deeper in any of these three areas, or check our Calendar for current class listings.