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Incarnational Cosmology Essays

The list of available essays can be found in the sidebar to your left. Just click a title to explore the wealth of information here.

You’ll find that the essays reflect the years of research into Incarnational Spirituality and Incarnational Theory. This has resulted in new ways of looking at the world, at its complementary non-physical realms—the “Second Ecology”–and at the relationship between them.  It has also produced a specific outline of the process by which a Soul takes incarnation.  Although this process is highly individualized, there are generalized patterns which form around the four basic principles of Incarnation:  Identity and Intentionality, Boundaries, Engagement, and Emergence.

A few of our favorite essays are the following:

In addition to the essays, much of this cosmology and process is presented in specific Lorian classes such as Journey into Fire, Partnering with Subtle Worlds, or The Path of the Chalice. In addition, Self-Study Modules contain classes that you can use at your own pace and without time constraints. Check the Calendar to see the current classes or workshops that may be occurring in your area.

Here and in the sidebar,  you will find essays about the Incarnational Cosmology.