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   Connectedness opens us to a larger world beyond ourselves and enables us to participate in a greater wholeness. Just as a pool stagnates that is unconnected to living streams of water and ultimately to the ocean on the one hand and the wellsprings deep within the earth on the other, so we need to be connected to the vitality and life, the spirit and wellbeing of the world around us." —David Spangler, "An Energy Ecology" essay

   Through the process, I was able to get really clear on what we were looking for in a home. The deck helped me put a clear message out to the universe. It helped me define and frame it in terms (using the feedback from the deck) that would allow me to ask for what I wanted." —AH, Seattle, Web Designer
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Card Deck Overview

by David Spangler


I have long been an admirer of the Tarot, as much for the visual imagery of the cards as for its oracular uses. My own communication with non-physical beings upon the worlds of spirit is often through imagery and symbols that speak directly to my intuition. The Tarot does likewise.  This love for imagery as a tool of consciousness is the inspiration behind the three card decks published by Lorian Press and used in our educational programs.

MANIFESTATION CARD DECK:  As a teacher, I’m always looking for simple and fun ways to communicate complex ideas. In my classes, I experimented with a way to use two types of cards—one to create a state of attunement and a field of energy around the desire to manifest something, and the second to play off the first in an oracular way. It wasn’t exactly a Tarot, but it was a very practical tool using cards to both illustrate and teach a technique and to provide intuitive and creative insights into whatever particular manifestation project the user of the cards was undertaking.  My experimental cards were then taken and refined by Deva Berg, a most talented artist, and her father, Jeremy Berg, the publisher of Lorian Press.  The result was the Manifestation Card Deck which has been used successfully in aid of manifestation projects by hundreds of people and even used by counselors as a counseling tool in their practice.

SOUL’S ORACLE (originally published as the Incarnational Card Deck): Observing the success of the Manifestation Card Deck, I envisioned another set of cards that would illustrate the incarnational principles taught in Incarnational Spirituality and also provide an oracular function. I saw such a deck as a valuable teaching aid and as an intuitive tool for attuning to the dynamic forces within any incarnational process, whether of a person, a business, an idea, or a project.  Again, Jeremy and Deva contributed their talents with ideas and with even more stunning artwork, and the Incarnational Card Deck, renamed to be The Soul’s Oracle, was born.

THE SIDHE CARD DECK:  The design of this card deck was given directly by one of the Sidhe, a race of non-physical beings seeking greater collaboration with humanity.  The beautiful art work by Jeremy Berg was also directly inspired by this same contact working with him.  In this way, this deck is the product of a unique partnership between two humans and the Sidhe themselves and is designed to act as a “portable Stone Circle” for purposes of attunement and contact with the energy of these beings.  Once the deck was complete, however, we discovered that it also could be used as a powerful oracle. Since then, many people have found this deck a special and inspiring tool in their spiritual work.

Although these three decks are not Tarots, they continue the tradition of using cards as ways of tapping the resources of the intuition and the deeper spiritual levels within us. They are unique and powerful practical tools for spiritual discernment and growth.

—David Spangler