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Work as an Act of Love

By Freya Secrest “Work is Love in Action”. . .. This phrase came up during a breakfast conversation when my children were home visiting during the holidays and has been very “alive” for me since then. It is a phrase that comes from my time at Findhorn. It was the principle through which we were Read more…

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Be Still–But Don’t Freeze

By Mary Reddy  I live in the north. It is winter. I wake up hours before dawn and think about what it means to begin anew. The house is especially quiet on winter mornings. No open window means I hear no birds clamoring to announce the sunrise, no soft soughing of wind through the woods. Read more…

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   Incarnational Spirituality embraces the understanding that we have a spiritual presence and inner resources that emerge from the very act of incarnation itself, not in spite of it or from some place beyond it.  Incarnational Spirituality sees the world as inherently a spiritual domain with roots in the sacred–in the ground of all being–as fully developed and accessible as the spiritual roots we may find in any non-physical realm of being.

We have not come from some spiritual domain to the earth.  Rather, we have enlarged the spiritual domains in which we live and function to include the one we call the earth.  We have not left spirit or the sacred; we have enlarged our repertoire of how we can experience and express our spirituality and our sacredness. – David Spangler



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