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   Lorian's programs in Incarnational Spirituality are like a breath of fresh air. I have learned to engage my whole self-heart, mind, body, soul and personality-in creative partnership with the world as it is. I find an intimate space of generativity opening within me that supports my relationships and passion for my work in integral ecology. Thank you David and the loving Lorian faculty!" —AA, WA

   There is something basically useful about all of this. The class offered a framework that was structured in a safe way with a demonstration of a path for connection that works." —KL, UK

   The class gave me reassurance that I am moving in the right direction because it helped me feel more of myself. The tools offered strengthened my own inner knowing." —EJ, UK, France

   We have been–and still are–in a time of alarms and noises, posturings and persuasions, tumult and tempest. To be of service in the world today, we must stand in a place of calm steadiness. In the midst of the storm, we must take time to look beyond to the mountains and the stars, the ancestors and the descendents and just appreciate the vastness of the world and of time and cosmos in which we live. Whatever happens tomorrow, the sun will rise, clouds will form, rain will fall, creatures will be born and die, and life goes on. We will love and create, our inner power undimmed, our spirit as Sacred as ever." —David Spangler
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Journey Into Fire – Class & Teleclass

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Journey into Fire – Free Teleclass

Below is a recording of our free teleclass from Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Can your imagination act as a spiritual tool for self-understanding and inner growth?

  • Yes! Discover inner tools that can reframe your experience of yourself in the world
  • Take a step into the creative fire of your life’s journey
  • Explore new pathways toward building a partnership with the fire of your soul
  • Journey into the sacred essence within your incarnation


Journey into Fire, Part 1 & 2

Connect with the Sacred Fire within you



“We are each at all times a creative flame of sacred presence. Incarnation is not a journey away from this fire; it is a journey into it.” ––David Spangler

For most of us, spirituality is something we divorce from our everyday lives.  It can be relegated to a deep unspoken place in the inner recesses of our minds and hearts. It might be brought out for holidays, or for those sacred days decreed by a tradition.  But what about the rest of the days of the year?  What about the spirit which lives and breathes at the center of ourselves?

This class is an exploration of what is at the heart of incarnation. Everything else that Incarnational Spirituality has to offer stems from this one reality, that we are sacred beings in embodiment and our physical world self is as sacred and as valued as the non-physical, transcendent aspects of ourselves.

Journey Into Fire outlines a practical way to engage with the sacredness of our everyday selves and everyday lives.  Using the book as our launch pad, we will share together an exploration of the nature of that sacredness and how it is expressed, how it is lived, in our everyday selves.

Comments from the Teachers:

I love leading this class.  It gently introduces people to a new kind of relationship with themselves, to an understanding of the depth and breadth of their soul’s partnership with the earth.  The kind of creative opening this provides, a relaxing of the way we interact with the world which allows more movement, brings more fluidity, more joy, and definitely more capacity to love into our lives.  The class format provides a wonderful sense of community as we explore together new perspectives. – Julia Spangler

Journey into Fire offers a palpable exploration into our innate sacredness as incarnate beings.  It is also an invitation to seek new ways in which we might offer our unique gifts of blessing to the world around us.  As a class, we move together through seemingly simple exercises, engage in rich discussions and build a community of support in a shared space of creativity, a-ha moments and compassionate support.  Our explorations deepen our everyday lives into lives of everyday sacredness.  – Susan Sherman

Comments from previous participants:

  I think our journey is bringing into my life more strength and at the same time more lightness and inner joy, both in the moments of meditation and in everyday activities as well.  JF

  This class has been pivotal for me as it gave language to my experience which allowed my thoughts to free flow with the past and new experiences I had during the class.  I discovered the FELT SENSE which buttressed the sentiency that clearly exists in all things…Best of all, JOY is a possibility that I was beginning to think wasn’t an option for me.  Now it is.  I was amazed at the interaction of the participants and blessed by it.  JB, Maine

  I really like the freedom I felt to enter my thoughts at my own pace, and feel I could express myself completely in response to the question/topic.  Without regard for the possibility that my voice was too soft to be heard, or that I couldn’t find a time to jump into a verbal conversation…Julie, Susan and others read it, heard me, and commented on mine and everyone else’s comments.  It seems like the best expression of a talking stick, and each of us got to hold the stick and talk if we wanted.  SC, California

  Truly feels like a missing piece in my spiritual life.  There was so much ‘meat’ there…  KS, Florida

Join with us to explore this journey into fire and we will discover together the sacredness that is at the heart of our everyday lives.

What will you learn?

  We all would like to feel that we are of value to the world and that we have something to contribute. In this class you will explore perspectives and practices that support your capacity to be a generative, creative source of love and blessing in the world.  You will learn to:

• draw on your everyday experiences to see and use your whole life as a spiritual practice that can unfold the sacredness within and around you
• employ specific practices for grounding and supporting the realization of your sacredness as an incarnate person
• experience how a shift in perspective can change how you live your life
• learn exercises which can be a basis for an everyday practice leading to a greater sense of creativity and blessing

Faculty: Julie Spangler and Susan Sherman with guest, David Spangler

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Journey into Fire Class $180

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