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Working with
Subtle Energies

by David Spangler
His insights and experiences with the non-physical dimensions of Earth.

The Call
by David Spangler
Who am I? Why am I here? The Call presents insights on what inspires, transforms, and sustains us.

Journey Into Fire
by David Spangler
An introductions to the core message of Incarnational Spirituality.
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Individual Bios

Individual Bios

JOHN MATTHEWS has been a full time writer since 1980 and has produced over one hundred books on myth, faery, the Arthurian Legends and Grail Studies, as well as short stories, a volume of poetry and several successful children’s books. He has devoted much of the past forty years to the study of Arthurian Traditions and myth in general. His best known and most widely read works are Pirates (Carlton/ Athenaeum), No 1 book on the New York Times Review best-seller list for 22 weeks in 2006, The Grail, Quest for Eternal Life (Thames & Hudson, 1981) The Winter Solstice (Quest Books, 1999) which won the Benjamin Franklin Award for that year, and The Wildwood Tarot (with Mark Ryan). His book Celtic Warrior Chiefs was a New York Public Library recommended title for young people, and the more recent Arthur of Albion won a Gold Medal from NAPPA, a gold Moonbeams award and a BIB Golden Apple Award. John has been involved in a number of media projects, as an adviser and contributor, including the Jerry Bruckheimer movie King Arthur, and has made appearances on both History Channel and Discovery Channel specials on Arthur and the Holy Grail. He shared a BAFTA award for his work on the Educational DVD made to accompany the King Arthur movie. He recently sold his first movie script and is currently developing several others under the banner of his own company, Mythwood Films, formed with Wil Kinghan in 2009. He lives in Oxford England with his wife, the writer Caitlin Matthews, and a white cat named Willow.

Lorian Press and Starseed Book Publications: The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworlds, A Constant Search for Wisdom, Jack and the Wizard and coming soon The Power of the Sidhe card deck and manual.

John Matthews has authored over 100 books including the following:

The Arthurian Tarot: A Hallowquest (with Caitlin Matthews) (Aquarian Press, 1990).
The Celtic Shaman (Rider, 2000)
The Celtic Shaman’s Pack (Element, 1996)
The Encyclopaedia of Celtic Wisdom: A Celtic Shaman’s Sourcebook (with Caitlín Matthews) (Rider 2000)
Gawain, Knight of the Goddess (Inner Traditions, 2003)
The Grail: Quest for the Eternal (Thames & Hudson, 1981)
The Grail: A Secret History (Godsfield Press/Barrons, 2005)
Merlin: Shaman, Prophet, Magician (Mitchell Beazley, 2004)
Pirates (Carlton/Harper Collins/Atheneum)
Quest for the Green Man (Godsfield Press/Quest Books, 1999)
Robin Hood: Green Lord of the Wildwood (Amberly, 2016)
Shaman’s Oracle (With Wil Kinghan) (Watkins 2010)
Sidhe: Wisdom of the Celtic Otherworld (Lorian Press, 2004
Taliesin: the Last Celtic Shaman (Inner Traditions, 2002)
Walkers between Worlds (with CM) (Inner Traditions, 2003)
The Wildwood Tarot (with Mark Ryan) 2011
The Shamanism Bible (Octopus 2013)

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