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Incarnational Spirituality in Translation

Incarnational Spirituality is being shared and explored around the world in various ways.  On this page you will find articles about David Spangler and Incarnational Spirituality and direct translations of some of our key exercises.

We are grateful to these colleagues and to the translators for their work and appreciate that it helps to make Incarnational Spirituality more available to others!

Click on the appropriate link to read or download a PDF translation.

Standing – by David Spangler

Self Light – by David Spangler

Holding by David Spangler

Three other Spanish translations of exercises  by David Spangler

Doorway Exercise by Dorothy Maclean and Judy McAllister

Another a friend in Brazil has translated several David’s Desk issues for the benefit of friends and our growing library of languages.

David’s Desk Articles in Portugese:

Articles on Incarnational Spirituality in Danish

David Spangler and Incarnational Spirituality by Soren Hauge

David Spangler: Portræt af en jordforbundet stjerneshamanby Soren Hauge, Bragt i VisdomsMagasinet, 2012