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Holding (a)

Like the first Tune-Up Exercise on Standing, this is also a physical exercise and involves an equally familiar and simple procedure: sitting down and forming a lap. A lap is a physical form of holding. It is the form of a cup, a bowl, a cauldron or a grail. Imagine kids climbing into a lap: it is a place of love, comfort, healing and transformation. In this exercise, simply sit down and form a lap. Go through the following elements as you do so, exploring the felt sense of each. Inherent in the lap is your power of holding which is at the heart of blessing. Also, be aware that when you create a lap, you are also manifesting boundaries, which are the extent of your lap. Your physical lap is not infinite, though your love may be! Physical The physical action of this exercise is simplicity itself and the opposite of the Standing exercise. From a standing position, you simply sit down, allowing your legs to form a lap. Be aware of the physical sensation and felt sense of being a lap. Feel the relaxation of sitting but at the same time the power and receptivity of forming a lap. Explore the felt sense of the space that is created in front of you, around you, and within you when you sit and form a lap. Emotional Feel the power of being a space of holding. In your sovereignty, you are forming a space of comfort, a space of healing, a space of encouragement and upliftment. In this space, negativity can be received and transformed as you hold a presence of peace, of love and of strength. Mental Your mind is also a lap. It is a cup that holds your thoughts. As you sit, let your mind go beyond the contents of any thoughts you may be holding. Let it simply appreciate the space within it. Let your mind fill with that space. If thoughts come, simply welcome them and let them sit in your mind-lap for a time, then move on. Remember, you are holding them, they are not holding you. You create and own the space they occupy. Sit in that space, be at peace and feel the power of your mind to be a lap. Mythic The cup is the oldest of magical images. It is the grail of the sacred, the cauldron of magic and wisdom, and the cooking pot that creates nourishment, the womb of life, and the space that holds the cosmos. Your lap is this space, this grail, this cauldron, this womb and this cup. When you sit and a lap is formed, you are in resonance with the place where transformation can take place and new life is born. Spiritual Sitting, your lap is the presence of the sacred. It is a place of love, a place to receive and comfort pain and suffering, a place of healing. In the space of your lap you are in resonance with the primal space that holds all things and allows them to be. God is a lap! In doing this exercise, you sit and as you do so, work through these levels of sensation, feeling, thought, energy, and spirit, appreciating the power, the freedom, the sovereignty, and the presence emerging from the simple act of forming a lap.

Holding (b)

This exercise is a variant expression of the Lap exercise, focused on your self. Repeat the Lap Exercise, creating a lap both physically and inwardly as a state of mind and being. Let yourself enter a condition of holding. Imagine that you are in your own “lap.” Hold yourself. Gather all the parts of you that you can think of, including those parts that you may not like so much or feel cause you problems. You are not doing anything to these parts or selves; you are just holding. As you hold yourself, gain a felt sense of the will that holds you together, so to speak. There is in each of us that which is willing to be incarnate, willing to have parts, willing to have a personality, willing to have a body, willing to create a space and allow and hold all that makes us up. How do you experience that? What is the felt sense of this to you? Just let yourself be held and honored by yourself, by the loving spirit of your own inner lap. When this exercise feels complete, stand up and let your lap dissolve. But remember that you continue to hold yourself.

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