stand in the embrace of the sacred

We are here to help you to feel at home in yourself, and feel at home in the world! 

Our online classes offer practices that make a difference, both in your own life and in others. We affirm all the varied ways you experience spirit in your life and invite you to explore them judgement free. We have developed and continue to expand new vocabulary to talk about spirituality removed from traditional religion and dogma. There is beauty and breadth to each individual's experience; we are here to help you discover more of your personal connection to what is Sacred.

Lorian's classes offer three exploration topics that you will see addressed below. All levels of experience are welcome. We look forward to seeing you in one of our online class spaces!

Lorian’s programs in Incarnational Spirituality are like a breath of fresh air. I have learned to engage my whole Self - heart, mind, body, soul and personality - in creative partnership with the world as it is. I find an intimate space of generativity opening within me that supports my relationships and passion for my work in integral ecology.

Thank you David and the loving Lorian faculty!
— AA, Washington


you Matter

Being present with THE sacred self 

The first theme in classes we offer strengthens one's sense of agency in the world. Work involves reflective exercises, meditations, and recurring personal practices to cultivate self-love, personal power, and unique voice. These classes support the Incarnational Spirituality view of the individual as a generative source of sacredness in the world.

The class gave me reassurance that I am moving in the right direction because it helped me feel more of myself. The tools offered strengthened my own inner knowing.
— EJ, France


you Belong

partnering with a SACRED living universe

The second theme in classes we offer helps one to create successful relationships. Incarnational Spirituality acknowledges the Earth as a multi-layered ecology within which everything is alive. Harmonious relationships are possible with all life in a spectrum ranging from the organic to the inorganic and from the physical to the non-physical. Learning to connect and partner with these spectrums enables you to participate more fully in a living universe.

There is something basically useful about all of this. The class offered a framework that was structured in a safe way with a demonstration of a path for connection that works.
— KL, UK

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you make a difference

connecting THROUGH SACRED generative love

This third theme offers skills for contributing energetically to emerging world relationships. Partnering with a living universe features heavily in these classes; many personal practices with added complexity are used as well. Fostering connection and wholeness is a way you can use your personal power to generate love in the world.  Such work can take many creative forms, but the spirit behind it is that all are “Gaian" and full expression is found in harmony with the living energy of the planet.

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