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Free March Webinar: Growing the Field of Gaian Hospitality

March 14th, 2018 – 5 pm PT.

with Jeremy Berg and Freya Secrest


Knowing ourselves as part of a Gaian world opens the challenge of discovering more of our connections within it. What do we offer as a Gaian citizen? How do we contribute to our planet’s whole ecology of life?
In our daily life activity, connections begin with simple acts – our smile to the clerk in the store, an act of consideration to a stranger we meet, a kindness extended to a friend or family member. In the realm of our world’s subtle ecologies, our Gaian role also begins with simple acts which naturally emerge from an attitude of hospitality.  
The Google dictionary defines hospitality as “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.” Its synonyms are welcome, kindness, courtesy and generosity. One of our planet’s primary characteristics, is that it nurtures, fosters and enables the manifestation and development of living consciousness and of course physical life upon the earth. Gaia offers us a dynamic example of hospitality.
Freya Secrest and Jeremy Berg will lead a free webinar session, Wednesday, March 14th at 5 pm PT to share more about one of our Gaian neighbors, the Sidhe, and explore our ability to extend our own hospitality in ways that bring us into greater resonance with the interconnected life of our Gaian home. Growing out of Lorian’s work with ‘Grail Space,’ we will meet in a spirit of Hospitality and Partnership on behalf of our Gaian home.The session includes a guided meditative “Fellowship Circle” to deepen into our own experience of Gaian hospitality and extend our field of connectedness with the world.  

The intent of this time is to build a field of connection and loving blessing that will nourish each one of us and our Gaian neighbors on behalf of our planet’s wholeness.

Session will be recorded and available to all who register



Jeremy Berg, MCS is owner of the Lorian Press and Starseed Books and past Director of the Lorian Association.  He was trained as an architectural designer and holds a patent for a panelized arch structural system. His work in energy efficiency and earth sheltered construction was seen on the cover of Popular Science Magazine. He is an ordained Lorian Priest, has taught at both the secondary and post secondary level and has been a college Dean and Vice-President. Jeremy is author of Faerie Blood, A Knight to Remember: Visions with the Sidhe and The Gathering Light: An Exploration Into The Incarnational Way. Recently his work as artist for the Card Deck of the Sidhe has created new opportunities for teaching, speaking and offering workshops.



Freya Secrest, MSD – Freya Secrest, MSD is a spiritual mentor, priest, administrator and adult educator. Her love of travel took her to the Findhorn Foundation community in the early 1970’s where she discovered a deep fellowship with the inner worlds of nature. She has worked as a Waldorf School Administrator, developed and taught programs at the Findhorn Foundation, served as Lorian’s Executive Administrator and is currently its Educational Director.