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Generic Blessing

Begin by standing in your own sovereignty and sense of spiritual attunement to your own soul and sacredness, the sources of spiritual energy and presence within you. Feel your own generativity as a spiritual source. Gather a “sphere of blessing” about yourself by attuning to any spiritual allies you may have, to the Sacred, and to the World Soul (the spiritual and blessing presence of Gaia, the life of the world). Feel the presence of this blessing space around you like a bubble of spiritual presence. Picture in your mind and heart the specific person or situation to whom or to which you are sending this blessing. Picture the people who may be involved, the nature of the situation, the need as you understand it, and the presence of spiritual help, hope, light, love, healing, and protection within it; be aware of the spirit that is within those people or that situation that can work for the highest good of all concerned. See this person or situation surrounded by your sphere or space of blessing, like enclosing it in a “snow globe” or bubble of Light. Within this sphere is calmness and potential, evoking the presence of the spiritual power inherent in this situation. Feel your sphere of blessing as a space that creates and sustains whatever conditions are needed on all levels of being for this power to emerge and enable the situation to move forward for the highest good of all concerned AND for the highest good of the world as a whole. Hold this image, hold this space, hold this felt sense of supporting this active, innate spirit of Light within the situation as long as it feels comfortable to you. Note that this need not be a long time, as time is immaterial when working at this level. A short, quick, deeply felt and attuned connection and evocation of spirit and blessing can be more powerful than a long, drawn-out and ultimately fatiguing process that thinks its power rests in duration. When you feel complete, or if you begin to feel tired, uncomfortable, or restless, with your mind and heart beginning to wander, bring the blessing exercise to a close. Bring your attention and energy back to the everyday environment around you. Let the felt sense of your sphere of blessing go, asking that its loving and nourishing energy flow into the person or the situation as a final act of blessing. Attune yourself to your own body and its integrity and wholeness and to your connections with your everyday world; in short, return fully and gracefully to yourself. Give thanks to the Sacred and to all allies whom you may have invoked to aid you in this blessing. Release this action in your heart and mind and go about your normal activities.