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Free June/July Teleclass

Imagination, Shapeshifting and Loving the World

with Rue Hass

June 28, 2017   5pm PT


People are suspicious of imagination.  We think of it as “making things up.”  We say, “Oh that is just my imagination…”   We do encourage imaginary play in children, up to a point.  But as adults we are supposed to be hard-headed and realistic, subordinating the imagination to what we think of as objective rationality.  People who use their imagination are dreamy, unrealistic, too sensitive, impractical.  “Get your head out of the clouds and face reality,” we are chided.

But truly, imagination is one of our most vital tools of consciousness.  It is true practical magic. The very essence of our humanity is our capacity to generate and respond to images within us, and then act to creatively give those images form and motion.  This actively shapes our world in new ways. This is our power to partner with the forces of the earth and cosmos. 

Imagination is our creative link with our world.  Through it we can envision potentials and possibilities. Without imagination, the world would come to a standstill.  In fact, the world itself is the product of imagination.  Imagination creates reality!

Join us a free introductory teleclass on June 28 to learn a strategy that you can use right away to ignite the magic of your imagination.  Recording of the event sent to all who register.

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