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Energy Tending


Thursday September 28th, 5pm PT 


With Susan Sherman, MSD


Compassionately and lovingly participating in the life of our world and contributing to the wellbeing of all life is a vital part of energy hygiene.

David Spangler


In this one hour interactive webinar on Zoom, you will learn a simple and effective practice that can shift your inner landscape towards a more welcoming, loving and connected way of meeting the world in your daily life. We will explore shifts of physical and subtle perspectives that can honor our sovereignty in the midst of the events and relationships impacting our lives. Susan will offer an energy hygiene practice that will align you in a flow of loving connection, and support you in maintaining balance/equanimity in the busyness of daily life.

Webinar is recorded and will be available to all who register for the session in our online classroom. Sign up now, your link to attend will be emailed on the 28th of September.




Susan Sherman, MSD is a skilled administrator who has worked in the arts, medical and legal fields, spirituality, education, hospitality, and currently is an administrator for a Unitarian Universalist congregation.  She has studied numerous healing modalities and has been a hospice and crisis volunteer.  She earned a master’s degree in Spiritual Direction and is an ordained priest through Lorian.  Susan’s interests include connecting with nature and the earth, ritual work, natural health and subtle energy healing, and exploring the inner life through spiritual practice.  She and her husband, Dan Paulson, live in northern Michigan where they co-developed Michigan’s first green certified residential development.  Susan strives to keep her feet on the ground in the present and hope to the future.


Following on – This free webinar introduces a week-long Discovery Toolbox class, Nourishing Your Energy Ecology, that begins October 9th, with new audio-guided practices posted daily for one week. Both the webinar and the class focus on mindfully exploring our interior energy ecology as a foundation from which our Love may flow more easily in the world. Each will help you learn more about your personal energy ecology system and ways to appreciate and access its support in your daily life. Together, we’ll explore, practice and nourish the flow, resonance, radiance and connectivity within our personal energy fields as avenues for greater wholeness within ourselves and within the world.