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Dealing with Fearful Energies

This is a sample energy hygiene exercise for dealing with fearful energies. A consequence of feeling fearful energies is constriction, the “deer in the headlights” syndrome. We freeze. Our energies seize up. Flow is diminished. We lose connection to the universe.

Here is a very simple exercise to get flow going again:

  1. Make a Connection:  Reach out and touch something.  Feel its texture and nature under your fingers.  Let your attention flow towards the object you’re touching.  Appreciate it for what it is.
  2. Expand your Heart:  Think of a happy memory or pleasurable moment, something that gives you an inner sense of expansion, and draw that memory into your heart where you can feel it as a warm glow within you.  Allow this glow to expand.  Positive feelings create openness and receptivity in yourself and in the world around you.
  3. Send Love through your Connection:  Direct the feeling of this expanding glow out from your heart, down your arm and into your fingers and into the object you’re touching.  Feel love develop for the object you’re touching.  Pause to appreciate the relationship and flow you have with this object.
  4. Connect to Cosmos:  Be aware that you are standing within a vast, living world, one filled with abundant, flowing energy and love.  Let the feeling of spaciousness surround you and fill you.  Imagine the whole cosmos embraced and held by a loving presence.  Feel the love of this presence flowing into your expanded, glowing heart and down your arm and your hand and your fingers into the object you are touching.  Feel yourself and this object expanding as this spaciousness flows into and around you.
  5. Connect to Environment:  Let this flow of spacious energy and love flowing from the cosmos through your heart and into the object you’re touching now flow out from that object into the environment around you.  As it does so, you find yourself and your energy field bathed and participating in a flow of energy from the cosmos and the sacredness within it through you and around you into and through the object you’re touching and into the environment.
  6. Complete the Circuit:  See the flow of spacious, loving energy rising from your environment back into the cosmos, back into the sacred, completing the circuit.  Just feel the energy of this flow moving through and around you, bathing you, bathing your environment; it’s a current flowing from the sacred into you, through you, out from you and into the environment through the object you’re touching, and back into the sacred.
  7. Hold your Energy:  As you stand in this flowing circuit, hold yourself and your energy field, along with whatever fears, negativity, or stuckness you were experiencing, in this flow, like holding dirty clothes under a rushing stream.  You don’t have to do anything except release your energy field to be filled, cleared, cleansed, and blessed.
  8. Complete.  When you feel complete, let go of the object you were touching, breaking the circuit.  Invite and allow the sense of connection to a larger, more spacious whole and the sense of your own energy flowing and circulating to integrate gracefully into your body and into your life.  Express your gratitude to all involved and to the world around you. Your flow restored, go about your daily activities.

“These [subtle] forces are set into motion by things we do and feel and think, by our emotional and mental activity.  There are subtle energies that radiate from our spiritual presence as well. At a physical level we experience these energies as the chi which martial artists use or the prana that is part of yoga.”

David Spangler, An Ecology of Energy Essay

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