We are One People

By Ron Hays

It was September 2018. I had spent the summer preparing for an October workshop, Crafting with the Sidhe. Actually, most of the year I’d been working with my Sidhe colleagues pondering, writing, and consulting with them on the workshop content. They were quite willing to assist, for it was a mutual experiment. As often is the case as I work with the Sidhe, they stimulated my train of thought as I conceptualized the details. Our mutual idea was for workshop participants to connect directly with the Sidhe while engaging in a tangible activity. We would assemble the parts of a Desktop Portal while working energetically with the wood and metal parts that comprise it.

How did I learn to connect with the Sidhe? About nine years ago, I sensed a tentative nudge from them while I was at the seashore. There was no conversation, no “person”, nothing other than a faint sense of a presence that left me with a mild curiosity. I had heard of them through John Matthew’s book The Sidhe, but had no particular interest in them.

For a couple of years afterward, I sometimes sensed the Sidhe in the background and had a couple of brief, almost imperceptible, contacts with them. That gradually changed as I began to collaborate with them making large outdoor portals. As I designed and built the portals, I asked them about various details regarding the flow of subtle energy through the structure. They became my go-to consultants regarding subtle energy and the wooden gateways. I wouldn’t really call these conversations, and I didn’t have a sense of working with any individual Sidhe. I would just pose a question and sometimes receive an answer.

My connection deepened when I started working with David Spangler and Jeremy Berg’s Card Deck of the Sidhe. Using the Sidhe cards, I discovered a subtle bridge between my physical self and the Sidhe realm. The cards invoke a stone circle. Its four cardinal points are gateways to the Earth, Stars, Sun, and Moon. By invoking the energies inherent in the images of these cards I have, after much practice over a number of years, been able to create and sustain connections with the Sidhe. As that connection has grown, I have learned to distinguish a few individuals whom I call my Sidhe colleagues. I frequently visit with these folks now.

So, back to September 2018. Amidst preparations for the workshop, my Sidhe colleagues asked if I was open to meeting someone. (They always ask before introducing new Sidhe beings to me and naturally I always say yes.) I understood that this being was a “historian” in their terms. This surprised me a bit, since such an introduction seemed unrelated to the project at hand - but I was intrigued. A presence came into our conversation. Questions overwhelmed my thoughts - what was this being's history with the native people; what could they tell me about the Sidhe history in the Northwest, and so forth. These questions were immediately brushed aside. Unlike a human historian, this person did not deal with facts and dates. Conversation over! My colleagues and I parted cordially, my energy to maintain the connection spent!

About two weeks after that first faltering introduction, I again sensed the "historian" wanted to speak with me. This time I came with an open heart and mind ready to listen and not ask questions. I could sense anticipation building in me as this being came forward. And then with a power that still resonates within me, they said: “We Are One People”. I sensed this in my body, I felt this in my heart, and I knew this in my mind. Sidhe and Humans are one people. When I facilitated the workshop a couple of weeks later, this was the keynote. We are one people and it is time for both Human and Sidhe to reweave the connections that became frayed centuries ago.

Pleased with the outcome of the workshop, as were they, I expected to continue facilitating more of them. When I brought up the topic to my Sidhe colleagues, they were noncommittal and I had no clear insight on how to proceed. A few weeks later I brought up the topic again. In reply I heard: “Would you be willing to setup a website for us?”

A website for the Sidhe? What would its mission be? In answer a number of individuals came forward and said that they were the Sidhe website committee. They would work with me in developing the site. Together this Sidhe committee and I created our mission statement - word by word:

To Further and Empower the Relationship between Humanity and the Sidhe.

With this inspiration, Portals Connect emerged!

For me, this website project is grounded in Lorian's work with the Sidhe and is one of a number of collaborative experiments inspired by the Lorian-Sidhe connection. I hope to see this new website become a place where those drawn together can converse about their interest in and connection with the Sidhe. We Humans and the Sidhe have much to share with one another. They are earnest in their desire to connect with us and are very willing to share their understanding of the subtle worlds that we as One People inhabit. I do invite you to take a look at Portals Connect, sign up for the newsletter and share your interest and work with the Sidhe.