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Engaging with the Sidhe Book Club

The Conversation Continued

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An interactive reading and exploration of a book co-authored by David Spangler and the Sidhe.

Why study about the Sidhe?

From the Sidhe we learn how our life is part of a deep and generative relationship with the subtle realms. and we can move into a new sense of imagination, creativity and purpose with new partners, both physical and non-physical.

Here are the Sidhe speaking about why they want to deepen their relationship with us:

There are many reasons why collaboration between us is important. For one thing, we are kin. The same ancestral spirit is in you that is in us. It is time for our family to be reconciled and reconnected so that we may be whole again. The world needs our wholeness, particularly at this time.

Also, we need each other. You understand the incarnational process more deeply that we do. By entering the world as you have, you have touched the sacredness within matter and within the act of uniting with it. Though we know the joy and presence of the Sacred, we do not know this deeper aspect. You have depths from which we may draw.

At the same time, we have knowledge of life and skills of weaving and blending living energies together that you have lost. You are sensitive to the individuality of things, but we are aware of the wholeness of things. You have the power of synthesis, but we have the power of connection. Both create wholeness.

We know the earth and nature in ways that you have forgotten. Our sensitivity and knowledge can be useful to you as you face the challenges you have created. But you can act in the world in ways we cannot.

Class Description

In this two week class we will share a rich, fascinating and practical exploration of:

  • Who are the Sidhe? Why do they want to engage with us?

  • How can we connect with them?

  • How can the Sidhe help us to stand in our strength in the face of personal and global turbulence?

Class Format

Engaging with the Sidhe—Book Club will be held on our online education site, You will have access to the online discussion and materials 24/7 through your ongoing Learning Library.

This class includes:

  • Three live and recorded 1.5 hour webinar sessions with Rue, June 1st, and 8th at 9 am PT, June 13th at 5 pm PT

  • Facilitated online discussion of the book and the issues it raises

  • An opportunity to deepen into exploration exercises and to share discoveries

Registration $75

Ever since I first read this book I have wanted to talk about it with others who might love it as much as I do. What the Sidhe really want is for us to understand the inner qualities we share with them—our “Sidhe Within”—so that we can fully utilize our creative intelligence and become more whole.
— Rue Hass
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Class Facilitator: Rue Hass

Rue Hass, MA  is a Spiritual Life Path Coach and Intuitive Mentor and author. Her background includes university teaching, broad, deep training in psycho-spiritual philosophy, NLP, energy psychology, and the graduate school of motherhood. Emerging from the social/political action of the 1960s-70s in Chicago, she lived in the Findhorn spiritual community in Scotland from 1974-1981. She was ordained as a Lorian minister/priest in 2011.

Note: You will need to purchase a PDF ebook or hard cover copy of the Book, Engaging with the Sidhe, by David Spangler if you do not already own it.  Visit the Lorian Press bookstore to purchase your copy.

Visit our Policy Page page for more information on our online classes, refunds and late registration policy.

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