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Free Webinar - Shaping a Life You Love

Shaping a Life You Love with Rue Hass and Freya Secrest

Manifestation is not just something you do. It is something you are as well. It is the art of crafting yourself and the ‘shape’ of your life. It is an expression of your presence.”
— David Spangler

Tap into your own sensory system as a partner in clarifying your life choices.


Manifestation does not happen through wishful, sleight-of-hand trickery, it unfolds through the practical magic of beingness that we bring to our daily life choices and relationships. This free introductory webinar will introduce you to a way to connect with your own sense of internal presence and knowingness to navigate your life choices.

Join us to discover more about tapping your own sensory knowing system as a partner in clarifying your life choices, share in an exercise and leave better prepared to bring more of what you love into your life.

This webinar will be recorded and available to everyone who registers.

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Presenter: Rue Hass

Rue Hass, MA, is an ordained minister/priest of Incarnational Spirituality. A former university teacher, she has been in private practice for 25 years as a Spiritual Life Path Coach and Intuitive Mentor, using transformational energy methods such as EFT (“tapping”). From 1974-1981, she was a staff member of the Findhorn Foundation, an international center for spiritual and holistic education in Scotland. Rue lives in Boulder, Colorado

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Presenter: Freya Secrest

Freya Secrest, MSD is a spiritual mentor, priest, administrator and adult educator. Her love of travel took her to the Findhorn Foundation community in the early 1970’s where she discovered a deep fellowship with the inner worlds of nature. She has worked as a Waldorf School Administrator, developed and taught programs at the Findhorn Foundation, served as Lorian’s Executive Administrator and is currently its Educational Director.

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This free webinar introduces a six week online class, Practical Magic: How to Shape a Life You Love. The class focuses on a mindful process that explores Manifestation as an act of identity, of becoming more fully ourselves.