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Free June Webinar

Showing Up: Incarnational Spirituality in Action with Freya Secrest

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Commit to Aliveness

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June 13th

5 - 6:30 pm PT

Anyone can manifest sacredness. It's not an evolutionary state per se - that is, I don't have to be evolved spiritually (whatever that may mean) to manifest the God Dimension, to be a deliberate "God-Keeper". I mainly need to deliberately manifest in my life as much of the presence of that dimension or the qualities of that dimension as I can - and usually we do that by being loving, compassionate, kind, joyous, and so on.

We do it by being life-affirming.

David Spangler

From the perspective of Incarnational Spirituality,  the intent of spiritual practice is to enhance wholeness.  And the resources for expanding wholeness are available to us daily as we draw on four inherent capacities:

the capacity of Selfing:  knowing ourselves and our lives as expressions of sacredness

the capacity of Holding:  shaping  a field love and respect  in which we meet the world

the capacity of Blessing: connecting our lives and our love in a spirit of trust and imagination

the capacity of Partnering:  inviting out the essential divinity and uniqueness of each other and our world.

Weaving these capacities together, we shape a generative field of possibility and empowerment as we engage with our life situations to bring spirituality into action. This evening's practice and discussion is an opportunity to connect your spiritual values more deeply into your everyday choices, and enhance communion in your life.  

Reflection and sharing led by Lorian Faculty member, Freya Secrest

This webinar will be recorded and available to everyone who registers.

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Presenter: Freya Secrest

Freya Secrest, MSD is the Education Director of the Lorian Association. She is a Spiritual Director, adult educator and Lorian priest. She lived at the Findhorn community in Scotland for three years, subsequently teaching with Dorothy Maclean on themes of Cooperation with Nature in the United States and Canada. She helped to co-found the Lorian Association in 1974.and is the author of “Showing Up: Practices for a Spirited LIfe”, a workbook applying incarnational principles in everyday life.

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