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Free July II Webinar

A Presence of Love with Julia Spangler


Includes a guided reflection exploring your presence in the world

More About This Webinar

Everyone wants to know that their life has meaning.  “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” are questions that seem to be common among spiritual seekers.  Can one really know the intent behind the deep impulse that leads to life on earth?  How can we tap its energy and let it inspire us to be more present in our life?  Join Julia Spangler in a free webinar that will help you take a moment out of your busy life to feel into and renew your connection with yourself as a presence of love and wholeness in the world.

This Hour long audio/video webinar includes a guided reflection exploring your presence in the world..

This webinar will be recorded and available to everyone who registers.

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Presenter: Julia Spangler

is passionate about music, humor, good science fiction, and the natural beauty of the world and all the beings who inhabit it.  As a Parenting teacher, she delights in seeing parents discover playful ways to redirect their interactions with their children into more successful pathways.  As a Certified Counselor, her focus is on the ways we can, with insight, redirect our behavior more constructively.  She is a founding member of Lorian, beginning her spiritual work at the Findhorn Community by developing the guest program and singing with The New Troubadours. She is ordained as a Lorian minister. She loves human ingenuity, artistic expression and ideas which shake the mind out of unexamined patterns of thinking.