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Touch of Love

Stepping Up to our Role in a Living Universe


Explore Your Own Loving Connections

August 4 - 10, 2019

One way of describing the ‘essence of love’ is to characterize it as a way of seeing and holding another’s individuality and identity within the life of the Sacred. It unites both giver and receiver with the larger wholeness of creation and sacredness. It is a gift of freedom; an act that empowers connection.
— David Spangler - Journey into Fire
The essence of life, no matter what its consciousness, is love, and therefore life becomes more perfectly itself when surrounded by love. Humanity’s greatest contribution to life on the planet is consciously to love, and so to bring health, vigor and beauty to life.
— Dorthy Maclean - To Hear the Angels Sing - The Landscape Angel

Class Description

Love is a primal building block of our universe at an energetic level. It informs life down to the most basic level of cells and atoms and quarks and extends to the most expansive galactic consciousness. In its most basic expression, it is connective, but on a day to day basis it is not always easy to bring our love forward in every situation! 

Teaching ourselves to be able to love those challenging elements –  jobs, people, life forms –  in our lives can create an odd contradiction—trying so hard to be more loving just ends up tightening us up in resistance, and we can fall into self-judgment. 

A Touch of Love Discovery Class draws on the Spectrum of Love exercise and builds a unique-to-you healthy connection in a given situation. It invites you to come into a broader, deeper, and more loving relationship with all elements of your life. You start from wherever you are, even if you really really don’t like a particular person or a situation. Working with the Spectrum of Love invites you to re-imagine your relationship and gradually bring forward more openness, honor and even possibly caring. You will deepen toward a sense of loving connection and wholeness in a way that feels possible to you. It is almost inevitable that you will surprise yourself!

And what is most interesting is that you will find yourself feeling so much better at every stage.  Living into the Spectrum of Love is a deep and powerful means toward bringing more love in the world.  Join us and discover your capacity for love!

Class Format

A Touch of Love will be held on our online education site, powered by Ruzuku. where participants have access to the online discussion and materials 24/7 for the duration of the class. Course includes:

  • Downloadable written and audio presentation of exercises

  • Daily practice with guided audio recordings

  • Opportunity for online discussion and dialogue

  • Two shared webinar sessions (recorded) on Sunday, August 4th at 5pm Pacific Time and Saturday, August 10th at 9 am Pacific Time.

Registration $57

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Class Facilitator: Julia Spangler

Julia is passionate about music, humor, good science fiction, and the natural beauty of the world and all the beings who inhabit it.  As a Parenting teacher, she delights in seeing parents discover playful ways to redirect their interactions with their children into more successful pathways.  As a Certified Counselor, her focus is on the ways we can, with insight, redirect our behavior more constructively.  She is a founding member of Lorian, beginning her spiritual work at the Findhorn Community by developing the guest program and singing with The New Troubadours. She is ordained as a Lorian minister. She loves human ingenuity, artistic expression and ideas which shake the mind out of unexamined patterns of thinking.

Discovery Courses are one or two week-long online classes focused on one key practice or principle of Incarnational Spirituality. They deepen your experience of the practice so that you can work with it more effectively in your life. They develop an approach that engages your physical, mental, emotional and energetic connections with the world through love and reflective perception.

Class materials are available 24/7 in  Lorian education’s online classroom and include written and audio exercises.  Exercises are presented step-by-step, building upon each other.  All teleclass or live webinar sessions are recorded and available to download for your personal use.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information on our online classes, refunds and late registration policy.

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