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Practical Magic: How to Shape a Life You Love

Access your Creative Power to Shape your Life


Learn to Generate Your Own Inner Magic

The manifestation process helps me to feel into what wants to blossom in my life organically, what looks like it is ready to bud, or grow in new ways. Through these principles I have learned how to feel into the questions, What am I moving into? Where is my energy going? How is my life mirroring the deepest truth in me?”
— Rue Hass
This Manifestation process engages me in a partnering relationship with my world. It speaks to a living universe that is responsive and interactive. Manifestation is a growing, interactive process of exchange.
— Freya Secrest

Class Description

Dates: February 21 - April 3

The old form of Manifestation is often seen as a way of getting something. The old form of Magic is about will and control.

But from the perspective of Incarnational Spirituality, we generate an inner magic that is useful in all areas of our lives.  This magic at our generative core helps us blossom. Essentially, manifestation is an act of ‘incarnating’ a new pattern of ourselves into reality.

The “New Magician” (you!) isn’t someone who controls the world and shapes it to their will but someone who befriends the world to create a mutually-enhancing neighborhood.

This class will highlight the four key tools within you that help to strengthen your invisible, underlying interconnectedness in the world around you and shape a life that you love.

In this class you will:

  • Draw upon your resources of standing, sensing, listening and noticing to engage with the creative process of manifestation.

  • Learn to access your inherent power to shape your life.

  • Clarify your relationship to the shape of the life you love.

  • Attune to the creative presence of the world around that can support you in your work.

Class Format

Our work together will give you an active experience of exploring your own generative magic and putting it into practice. We will use both online and live webinar formats, as well as work with readings, discussion and recorded audio. You will have the opportunity to use the process to work with a real issue in your life.

  • Downloadable written and audio presentation of exercises

  • Six recorded audio lectures by David Spangler

  • Exercises with guided audio recordings

  • Opportunity for online discussion

  • Six (weekly) live and recorded webinar sessions

Freya and Rue will be available in daily online interaction helping to integrate the material with your life context.

Reflections by past participants:

THANK YOU for such a heartfelt, beautiful, humorous, illuminating course!
— KC, 2017 Participant
It was a life changing time for me and I am still very actively working with projects, both original and new. What David says about the manifestation process being a way of on-going inner growth is very true for me. I listen to one of the audios almost every night for a re-new-ed focus. Each morning is an amazing new adventure
— CH, 2017 Participant

The Manifestation Card Deck (with manual) is provided in PDF form. Hard copy sold separately through the Bookstore. 

Registration $195.00

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Class Facilitator: Rue Hass

Rue Hass, MA is a Spiritual Life Path Coach and Intuitive Mentor and author. Her background includes university teaching, broad, deep training in psycho-spiritual philosophy, NLP, energy psychology, and the graduate school of motherhood. Emerging from the social/political action of the 1960s-70s in Chicago, she lived in the Findhorn spiritual community in Scotland from 1974-1981. She was ordained as a Lorian minister/priest in 2011.  

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Class Facilitator: Freya Secrest

Freya Secrest, MSD is a spiritual mentor, priest, administrator and adult educator. Her love of travel took her to the Findhorn Foundation community in the early 1970’s where she discovered a deep fellowship with the inner worlds of nature. She has worked as a Waldorf School Administrator, developed and taught programs at the Findhorn Foundation, served as Lorian’s Executive Administrator and is currently its Educational Director. 

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