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The Call to Be Here

A Online Exploration with James Tousignant

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Your calling is to be here. There is no higher mission, for each of us is a gateway that can open to allow the Beloved to step through. To give expression to the Beloved, to be that gateway, is why the universe appeared. It is the ultimate Call. —David Spangler

Class Information

September 4-12

Your Destiny is Calling, will you answer?

The price of answering – all you believe yourself to be,
The promise – the courage simply to be here.

From the perspective of Incarnational Spirituality, each of us is a unique expression of sacredness able to make contributions that no one else can make to the well being of our world and the positive unfoldment of our future.

This class is for those who sense the call of their soul to give expression to the Sacred and unfold the radiance of their own wholeness as a blessing in the world.

Class Description

Thisl is an experiential Discovery Class focused on helping you deepen the felt sense of embodying your sacredness through the Blessing Field practice exercises of Incarnational Spirituality – Crafting the Blessing Field, Appreciation, Touch of Love, and The Four-Fold Blessing.

Together, these practices support you in answering your call to be a blessing in the world.  The objective is to gain an embodied knowing of your inherent sacredness through deepening your capacity for connectiion and relationship, engagement and emergence.

Class Format

We will be using a combination of live Webinars and informal online discussion with exercises to focus our exploration.  Live and interactive webinars with James will be held on Thurssday,September 5th, Monday, September 9th, and Thursday,September 12th at 6PM.Pacific Time. Links to Webinar recordings will be available in your class archive for those who are unable to attend the live session.

Discussion and exercises will be presented and available 24/7 in our informal online class site.

The class references material presented in The Call by David Spangler, and the book will be available in PDF format with the class. Hard copy version is available from the Lorian Press Bookstore here.

Registration $75

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Class Facilitator: James Tousignant

James Tousignant, Ph.D is an ordained minister/priest of Incarnational Spirituality and a member of the Lorian Faculty. He is formally trained as an experimental psychologist/research methodologist and worked as a senior statistician within government for over 20 years. During this time, he continued to follow his passion of working with the subtle realms, living into the teachings of Incarnational Spirituality, and teaching energy medicine.  He also awakened to his call to healing through the Integrative Energy Healing program at Langara College, and developed a private healing practice.  Recently, James has taken on managing an organization dedicated to providing front-line services, programming and shelter to individuals with mental health and substance use challenges.  James lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada.

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