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The Heart of Imagination

Explore the Art and Spirit of your Imagination


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July 21 - Aug 3, 2019

We say, “Oh it is just my imagination.”  How do we know what is “true” and what is “just made up?”

 Consider this:

 Thinking is a processing of information that maintains a separation between the thinker and the thought.

 Imagination is an act of entering into and sharing the identity, the life of a concept, another being, or a situation, so it becomes alive and can take shape and substance within you, and perhaps then within the world.

 Imagination is not only a creative tool, but it is also one of perception.  We experience the world through our subtle senses, as translated by our imagination. 

 Right now we are better at imagining our doom and disconnection than we are at imagining possibilities. But the future literally depends on our imaginations to help us learn to re-create wholeness and partner with the process of renewal.


Class Format

This online class will help you to learn more about taking responsibility for generating a vision of wholeness and the means of bringing it into being.

 This is not only about imagining our future or imagining what our society might look like in the years ahead. It is an essential imagination about ourselves.

 You will grow your understanding of the art and spirit of your imagination, our human imagination, and the imagination of the earth.  We will explore how to imagine into the diverse worlds of animals, technology, creativity, healing, and what it means to be human.

 We hope that you will join us to open into your own sacred art of imagination. It will light up every area of your life!


Class Format

THE HEART OF IMAGINATION will be held on our online education site, powered by Ruzuku, where you will have access to the online discussion and materials 24/7 through your ongoing Learning Library. This class includes:

•       Weekly practice with exercise

•       Downloadable written presentation of exercises

•       Opportunity for facilitated online discussion, questions and answers

•       3 live and recorded webinar sessions with Rue: July 21st, July 25th and August 1 st at 5pm PT.  

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Registration $75

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Class Facilitator: Rue Hass, MA

Rue Hass, is a Spiritual Life Path Coach, Intuitive Mentor and author. Her background includes university teaching, training in psycho-spiritual philosophy, and energy psychology. She was ordained as a Lorian minister/priest in 2011.  

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