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Dancing with the Devas

Bringing Our Attunement into Action


Working with Dorothy Maclean's Deva Writings

Do you truly appreciate the wonder of a plant? There is the pattern, held in consciousness by us on what you call the higher levels where energy is particularly clear and powerful, dedicated to the mighty purposes of life of which a planet is the outcome. Then on the lower levels are the results of these different energy patterns: each leaf distinct and beautiful, each flower exquisitely planned and executed, each seed carrying its own life message, each with a flavor, scent and power in some realm of planetary life. Some plants help a wound, some the eyesight, some an emotion, and so on. Is it not a miracle?

It is a miracle of the Oneness of life. You are each intimately related to plants and they to you, and to all creation here on Earth and beyond. In the divine order which sees all things, life is delicately adjusted for its fullest expression on this and other planets, and the whole is affected when the part is out of balance….

Now that your lack of sensitivity is threatening life, your answer is to be more sensitive, to appreciate the miracle of life and, in your wonder and the love evoked by it, to expand in consciousness. This can be done in scientific terms for those who find wavelengths relevant, but all who see the wonder of life, in a plant or elsewhere, will want to express something of its effect on them. As we are all related, everyone will be relating to each other and to us in their particular art of living.

So appreciate the wonder of life, and expand the planet into its greater destiny.
— Rue Deva - 10/5/1970 Dorothy Maclean

Class Description

Over the years our colleague, Dorothy Maclean, has shared her connection with the angelic kingdom in books telling of her experiences of connection and communication with the intelligence and divinity within all life.  Her efforts in collaboration began at the famous Findhorn garden in northern Scotland in the 1960’s. The lessons of attunement and cooperation she learned there introduce an approach of love, honor and cooperation that can make a transformative difference in any life and garden. Indeed, it is not only in a garden that we can apply this wisdom but wherever and whenever we approach the life of our planet as an intelligent and honored partner.

During this week we will use Dorothy’s Deva (a Sanskrit word meaning “shining ones”) messages as inspiration to deepen our own connections to the inner soul of Nature. These communications offer a very incarnational and engaged approach which we will apply in our own lives and gardens to grow in collaboration and connection with our environment. Each day we will focus on an area of attunement to unfold our ability to partner and help in growing a beautiful Gaian home, share our experiences in online discussion and then come together for a live webinar attunement session on Saturday.

The Deva’s communications begin and end with appreciation, wonder, joy and love. Their work is a dance and the results are here for all to enjoy. Over this week we will tap our own dancing natures and add to the beauty of our earth.

Class Format

Dancing with the Devas will be held on our online education site, powered by Ruzuku where participants have access to the online discussion and materials 24/7 for the duration of the class. Course includes:

  • Downloadable written and audio presentation of exercises
  • Daily attunements with guided audio recordings
  • Opportunity for online discussion
  • Ongoing archive of attunements and deva messages used in the class
  • One shared recorded webinar session on Saturday, August 18 at 9 am Pacific Time.

Registration $47

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Class Facilitator: Freya Secrest

Freya is a spiritual mentor, priest, administrator and adult educator. Her love of travel took her to the Findhorn Foundation community in the early 1970’s where she discovered a deep fellowship with the inner worlds of nature. Returning to the US, she was a founding member of the Lorian Association and worked closely with Dorothy Maclean, traveling and teaching across the US and Canada on themes of collaboration with the intelligences of nature.  She has worked as a Waldorf School Administrator, developed and taught programs at the Findhorn Foundation, served as Lorian’s Executive Administrator and is currently its Educational Director. Her collaborative work with subtle worlds continues as she develops her home garden and explores Gaian Circle gatherings.

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Class materials are available 24/7 in  Lorian education’s online classroom and include written and audio exercises.  Exercises are presented step-by-step, building upon each other.  All teleclass or live webinar sessions are recorded and available to download for your personal use. See each course description for specific dates and activities.

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