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The Soul in Everyday Life

The Light That Renews


David Spangler will lead a “deep dive” into our unique Soul Light. 

Light is the substance of sacredness, the primal radiance of Life which gives birth to all things. We think of Light as one thing, but it can take many forms. One form is the spiritual radiance we each generate in our own unique ways, the Self-Light that is a byproduct of the incarnational process itself. Another form, equally important, is the Light of the Soul itself, the Light that Renews. Blending this Soul Light with our incarnational Self-Light is an essential component of creating

Class Description

This class explores the nature of the Light that Renews, the Light or spiritual radiance that emanates from our Soul. Learning to access this Light that Renews and blend it with our unique and innate incarnational Self-Light is an important skill in Incarnational Spirituality. Drawing on his own inner experiences, David Spangler will lead a “deep dive” into our unique Soul Light and offer insights and exercises in learning to access and blend it with this our unique Light of self.

Class Format

The Light That Renews will be held on our online education site, powered by Ruzuku. where participants have access to the online discussion and materials 24/7 for the duration of the class. Course includes:

  • Downloadable written and audio presentation of exercises
  • Daily practices over the week
  • Opportunity for online discussion and dialogue
  • Two shared audio teleconference sessions (recorded) a talk on Sunday, July 22nd at 9 am Pacific Time, and a meditation on Saturday, July 28th at 9 am PT.

This program is designed to teach the partnering relationship between the Soul and the Incarnate Self and to offer a way for accessing the blessings that the Soul offers to our everyday life as a Light that Renews.

Registration $95

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Class Facilitater: David Spangler

David Spangler, MCS is a spiritual explorer, teacher, writer, game designer, husband, and father.  Originally studying to become a molecular biologist, a childhood contact with subtle worlds blossomed while he was in college into a collaborative relationship with inner beings. He left college at the age of 20 and began his lifelong career as a freelance mystic, teacher, and explorer of subtle and spiritual realms.  In the early 1970’s he became a co-director of the Findhorn Foundation community in Northern Scotland and, in 1974, a founder of the Lorian Association.  His work with both his non-physical colleagues and his Lorian associates has led to the development of Incarnational Spirituality.  He is the author of over twenty books.

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