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   Lorian's programs in Incarnational Spirituality are like a breath of fresh air. I have learned to engage my whole self-heart, mind, body, soul and personality-in creative partnership with the world as it is. I find an intimate space of generativity opening within me that supports my relationships and passion for my work in integral ecology. Thank you David and the loving Lorian faculty!" —AA, WA

   There is something basically useful about all of this. The class offered a framework that was structured in a safe way with a demonstration of a path for connection that works." —KL, UK

   The class gave me reassurance that I am moving in the right direction because it helped me feel more of myself. The tools offered strengthened my own inner knowing." —EJ, UK, France

   We have been–and still are–in a time of alarms and noises, posturings and persuasions, tumult and tempest. To be of service in the world today, we must stand in a place of calm steadiness. In the midst of the storm, we must take time to look beyond to the mountains and the stars, the ancestors and the descendents and just appreciate the vastness of the world and of time and cosmos in which we live. Whatever happens tomorrow, the sun will rise, clouds will form, rain will fall, creatures will be born and die, and life goes on. We will love and create, our inner power undimmed, our spirit as Sacred as ever." —David Spangler
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Core Classes and Programs

Core classes and programs focus on the foundational elements of Incarnational Spirituality.

JOURNEY INTO FIRE with Julie Spangler and guest, David Spangler

Spirituality is a journey into the heart of sacredness. It is a quest to experience the generative wellspring of self, consciousness, and the manifest universe.  Incarnational spirituality starts with the premise that each of us draws our fundamental identity directly from the fire of the sacred.  Thus we are each at all times a creative flame of sacred presence, no matter what the domain or condition of life and consciousness in which we find ourselves.   This sacred flame within ourselves and within the world is tapped and unfolded through the incarnational process itself.  Incarnation is not a journey away from this fire; it is a journey into it. 




Manifestation is often seen as a way of getting something. But from the perspective of incarnational spirituality, it’s an act of identity, of becoming something. It’s an act of ‘incarnating’ a new pattern of ourselves into reality, and growing into a new expression of ourselves. This class introduces you to a manifestation process which works with an invisible, underlying order of interconnectedness in the world around us. 

WORKING WITH SUBTLE ENERGIES with Rue Hass, Freya Secrest and guest, David Spangler

We each live in a non-physical subtle environment filled with forces and energies just as the physical world around us is filled with material energies.  We are as much a part of this invisible subtle realm as we are a part of the visible, physical world around us.  Because of this, we can learn to harness and work with its subtle energies. This class is an introduction to working with subtle energies and forces.  Six weeks long, the class first deals with “subtle hygiene”, how to engage with the subtle forces within our immediate, local environment. The last half of the class explores ways we can work with subtle forces of life and spirit for the aid and blessing of our relationships in the world and of humanity as a whole.