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December Teleclass – Celebrating the Light

  Thursday, December 15th 9am PT, 12 noon ET, 6pm CET     Join Julia Spangler and Freya Secrest in a 1 hour free teleclass exploring the light within your incarnation.    Explore that fire of light within yourself Strengthen your own inner source of power and energy Share in a discovery practice that supports Read more…

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David's Desk

By David SpanglerDavid Spangler

#82 Prayer and Blessing

March 2014 Some years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Sean Kelly, the author of Coming Home: The Birth and Transformation of the Planetary Era and a professor of philosophy, cosmology and consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies. A most charming and lovely gentleman, we hit it off and discovered that Read more…

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Support Hope & Wholeness in the World.


     As I go through my day and do my work, let me do so as a brother to life, as a child of the stars, as humble before the mountains, as free as the winds, as wise as the ancients, as innocent as a child. Let me feel earth deep beneath me and cosmos all around me. Let me feel the cry and call, the laughter and tears, the hopes and dreams, the fears and grief of my fellow humans. Let me know that I stand in the sovereignty of my self and the power of my uniqueness as a person, yet also as one with multitudes, sharing a common world, a common fate. And may my actions rise not from protest, not from anger, not from fear, not against anyone, but from that part of me that celebrates that shared world . Let my life celebrate vision, hope, compassion, and solidarity with all life.” —David Spangler, from an online class
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Welcome to the Blessing Space!

This space is offered as a resource of support and nourishment. Each individual’s participation adds to its collective gifts of love and compassion. Please allow it to nurture and empower your unique blessing in the world.

We invite you to be an agent of blessing in your world today. Use the links below to choose a guided or silent reflection in one of three areas. May it be a portal that enhances the flow of beauty, grace and connection in our world today. Thank you for joining us.


Centering in the Sacred

The Four Blessings
by David Spangler

Come Closer
by Dorothy Maclean


Widening the Connection

Call of World
by David Spangler


Holding a Field

A Blessing for Water

Holding a Blessing

What does this page include?

This page includes three categories of guided reflections.  Attunement, Deepening, and Blessing.  Each one has choices for a short reflection using picture, sound and readings.

  • Attunements focus on centering into one’s personal relationship with the Sacred.
  • Deepenings focus on widening that connection through one’s incarnational experience.
  • Blessings offer a guided structure to help you offer your love in service to another person or wider world events.

We invite you to lovingly bless your world today, and nourish and empower the activity of the Sacred and wholeness.

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