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From the Archives: The Sidhe

By David Spangler In my last blog I described my encounter with the Sidhe who called himself “the Lord of the Forest” and offered as well a passage on the concept of anwa from my oldest Sidhe contact, a woman named Mariel. Afterwards it came to my attention that many readers of the blog may Read more…

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David's Desk

By David SpanglerDavid Spangler


As long-time readers of David’s Desk or any of my books know, for me the world is not simply the physical reality I perceive with my body’s senses.  It also has a non-physical counterpart, a subtle world, that is as much a part of the Earth’s wholeness as the oceans or the sky, the forests Read more…

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David's Desk Archives

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April News – In the Spirit of Dancing Shoes

A delightful part of my understanding of a Living Universe is that there are no boundaries to Life; the vital spark of sacredness moves through everyone and everything. But how far does that really extend? In my own experience and for others such as Dorothy Maclean, it extends even into the man-made world. Here is Read more…

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