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Lorian Association is a world-wide community of individuals exploring new spiritual possibilities. Loving and independently-minded, we are open to the vision of an Incarnational Spirituality, which sees hope for the future within humanity's unique and profound spirit. We invite your participation in this exploration.

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#83 Suiting Up

By David Spangler

In action movies, there’s often a moment when the hero or heroine “suits up.” These are always transition moments when an ordinary person becomes something else, revealing his or her inner qualities and the determination to meet whatever challenge is presenting itself....

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The Flow of Wholeness

By Timothy Hass

My aha moment was--I suddenly saw all the ecological work and movements as a whole....

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Message from The Water Spirit::
"I'm posting the following story at the request of a water spirit I encountered four or five days ago.  I've held off sharing it partly because of the holidays and partly due to wanting to make sure that it was a valid contact.  After some reflection, I believe that it was. "
Click here to read the message from the Water Spirit

Comments about Subtle Energy and Syria's Civil War:
TH: A question has been percolating in my mind. I know I feel Subtle Activism creates a feeling in me of it having an effect. And I know we have talked about creating a field of love.  But I was wondering what is the real  effect? How do our inner allies see it? Does one person engaging in subtle activism really have an impact, or is it a drop in the ocean? For example, the Angel of Damascus comes and asks for our help. Why? What does our inner work do for it?
DS: There is no one answer to your question, but let's explore some of the possible consequences of subtle activism.
Click here to see a further discussion on using Subtle Activism on Events in Syria.

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